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  1. Hi everyone, I need major advice. I am graduating in May of this year with my BSN and all I want to do is be a NICU nurse. I currently work in a NICU now as a nurse assistant which I love, but it’s in the same Midwest town that I grew up in and I want to move out of state. I’ve been applying to competitive new grad programs on the west coast to hopefully start in the NICU but I realize my chances are slim since there are so many applicants. I won’t hear back from these new grad programs for at least another couple of weeks and even then, I won’t get a final decision until at least May if I do get an offer. If I talked to my nurse manager on my NICU unit now, I know I would be a hired in as a new grad nurse, but I’m worried I’ll lose this opportunity if I wait until the last minute. Basically, is it worth it to try to apply to competitive new grad programs when I am already working in a NICU even though it’s not in my ideal location? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. nicunurse4

    UCLA Summer 2019 New Grad Residency

    Hello! I am external and applied for perinatal and peds oncology! Good luck everyone!
  3. nicunurse4

    CHLA RN Residency September 2019

    Hello! I applied to NICCU. So nervous!