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  1. PN2017

    Pennsylvania Board Of Nursing TPP

    I have been having trouble obtaining my temporary practice permit with the PA board of nursing. My school sent them my official transcripts on June 14th and I still haven't heard anything and educational transcripts still says unchecked. They say is will take 10-14 business days to process once they receive it, but then they can't tell me if they have received them because they haven't been processed. I'm hitting a brick wall Has anyone had to deal with this type of situation before? Is there a certain person I should contact? Thanks!
  2. I have been trying to obtain a TPP in the state of PA because I recently moved from OH. My transcripts were received by the board on June 29th. I still haven't heard anything else. Have any of you applying for a TPP from out of state had to send additional coursework to the board besides your official transcripts?