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  1. bncstt

    Mount St. Mary's Pre-Nursing Question

    hello, i just wanna ask if you how did you got in to the pre-nursing program? :)
  2. bncstt

    Hesi 2017 Tips!

    Thank you so much, I really appreciate your help. My exam is on 26th! Btw, congratulations on passing your exam and I really thank you for sharing your thoughts about it!! :)
  3. bncstt

    Hesi 2017 Tips!

    thank you!! does the retake is same on your 1st take? and also, does the vocab words on the book are same in the hesi exam? or there are words that came up that wasn't included in the book? sorry for too much question im really nervous on my upcoming exam..
  4. bncstt

    Hesi 2017 Tips!

    any thoughts on the vocab section? because the majority said that not all on the hesi edition 4 vocab section are on the exam... can you suggest any helpful tool about the vocab?
  5. bncstt

    HESI 2017

    Hi. I'm going to take my HESI exam this month. I'm nervous on vocab section because the majority said that not all on the Hesi Admission Assessment Edition 4 book vocabulary section are on the HESI exam. Any helpful tool that you guys can suggest? :)