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  1. So I graduated from a vocational nursing program in November 2016, took my NCLEX-PN April 8, 2017 and received a letter from BON May 8th letting me know that I passed but unfortunately my criminal history is still under review. It is now 9 weeks later and nothing! Called the BON and they said that it could take up to 6 months since my cases were from LA county. I am so sad, scared, frustrated, and anxious to name a few of the emotions I'm feeling. I guess my question is, what is the likelihood that I will be approved to register for my LVN license? I can't deal! I feel like this is a never ending waiting game! Help!! Also, I have 2 cases... one was for domestic violence which the case was destroyed and the other was for possession of meth and that case was sealed! I'm beyond stressed! Any success stories or comfort is welcome!!

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