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  1. akint

    Need a Collaborating MD for NP

    Thanks! Three are ones I worked with for the past 3 years, the other 2 are the ones I met in the church I go to. I will look into NM.
  2. akint

    Need a Collaborating MD for NP

    Hi All, I am reaching out to fellow NPs in the state FL. I am looking for an collaborating MD to open my own practice in the state of FL. It is frustrating with all the restrictions that FL has placed on NPs. I had spoken to 5 MDs and none are open to being a collaborating MD even if I was willing to pay for him to be a collaborating MD. I have been working independently since 2013, have my own DEA and no issues with legalities in the past or in the present. Does anyone have any other recommendations (aside from going back to NY)? Any info would be helpful