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  1. Fired as student nurse, looking for RN job

    Up till the last month, I'd say my career was going well. Good grades in nursing school, graduated in June. I worked a year as a nurse assistant in acute rehab before finding a job for a year in a tele floor at a community hospital near me. Job was g...
  2. Switching from a speciality to med-surg during orientation?

    I just graduated, so I haven't done it myself, but there was a nurse who started out in ICU new grad and came down to the floor I was working (Telemetry) because it was too much. It totally makes sense, and she's been doing really well in telemetry. ...
  3. CSUSB Fall 2017

    Yes we all got in :)
  4. CSUSB Fall 2017

    I got my letter yesterday and a couple of my friends got theirs today.