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  1. Mjae

    Anatomy Advice and Help Needed!!

    At my college, I couldn't take A & P until I passed Micro... Interesting.
  2. Mjae

    Attention Grabber for Nursing Speech

    I'm just giving information about nursing for my speech, such as what the educational requirements are, licensing requirements, and job outlook. Those are my main topics. Nothing too fancy or in-depth.
  3. I am giving this speech for a public speaking class and it has to do with my major (ADN). I need an attention grabber about nursing for the beginning of my speech and I can't think of anything. I'm thinking maybe put up a poster board with dosage calculations or something or the sort, but I don't know dosage calculations since I'm still pre-nursing getting my prereqs done. Can anyone help me with this?
  4. Hey there! I'm in an online Public Speaking class and I have to give an informative speech on my major (nursing/ADN). I need help figuring out an attention grabber about nursing for the beginning of the speech. I'm having a hard time coming up with something. Any ideas?

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