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Bamagrl1981 has 10 years experience as a ADN, RN.

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  1. Bamagrl1981

    Any advice appreciated

    Back in January I was accused of diversion from my job as a Med/Surge RN. I admitted to the diversion and self reported to FL IPN. I have completed the evaluation and they are requesting PHP for 6-8 weeks in addition to a monitoring contract. The advice I need comes from charges that came along with the diversion. I was arrested for 2 felony charges. The court it withholding adjucation (not guilty or innocent). I got a letter from AHCA (Medicare) saying that I have disqualifying charges and have to wait for 3 years before I can apply for reinstatement. My license is clear and active but I am wondering if I can even work as a nurse in Florida or not?!? Is it even worth doing IPN until I can work?
  2. Bamagrl1981

    FL endorsement

    How long did it end up taking? Tomorrow is 30 days for me and I have not heard a thing and I am planning on packing up and moving very soon. This is so frustrating
  3. Bamagrl1981

    Florida LPN endorsement

    Oh my. They just told me it'll be another 3 weeks before it is even looked at. I have a job waiting
  4. Bamagrl1981

    Florida LPN endorsement

    It's been 2 weeks and I guess I am impatient lol. I am ready to move now!
  5. Bamagrl1981

    Florida LPN endorsement

    I am moving to Florida from Tennessee and have submitted for my license. Just wondering how long it takes to get your license so I can plan my move. I have seen other articles here but they are all several years old. Any help would be appreciated