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  1. CinLeo42

    Re-entering the workforce after 2 years

    Thank you! I did exactly what you said, and now I'm working at the hospital within the Progressive Care Unit.
  2. CinLeo42

    ECG help

    What is a good ECG book to buy?
  3. CinLeo42

    ECG help

    I'm taking the ACCN ECG course, and it says the rhythm strip is a graphical printout of one or two leads at a time. I'm confused. It's a 12-lead right? I'm sorry if stupid question but I really want to understand this.
  4. CinLeo42

    ECG help

    Hi, what ECG book would you recommend that does a great job explaining the concepts for someone who is new to ECG?
  5. CinLeo42


    I will. I think I just need to relax and not be in so much of a hurry. It will happen. Thank you.
  6. CinLeo42

    Anyone having trouble getting hired??

    I haven’t applied anywhere yet but I did sign up for Illinoishelps.net for local assignments. I haven’t worked in two years thou.
  7. CinLeo42

    Interview Anxiety

    I’m literally frozen with fear when comes to interviews. I’ve tried finding nurse interview coaches online but no luck. I know I’m smart but can’t figure out why I’m struggling so much trying to answer basic interview questions. I’ve been stuck on “Tell me about yourself “ for three damn days. I finally broke down & cried. I’ve been unemployed for two years. I really want to work back on the floor. I know it’s stress but I love how fast pace it is & the challenges that come with it. I love the adrenaline rush of acute care. Please help
  8. CinLeo42


    Would really like to work in hospital:-(
  9. CinLeo42

    Interview at Elmhurst Hospital

    Hi, I'm a recent RN-BSN nurse and I've worked in Medical Surgical for two years prior to obtaining my BSN. I have been off the floor for two years. I'm I wasting my time applying to Elmhurst Hospital? If not, what are the interviews like? I'm thinking about applying to Med Surg, or PCU. Thoughts?
  10. CinLeo42

    Anyone having trouble getting hired??

    I'm a recent RN-BSN nurse and I've been off the Medical Surgical floor for two years. I've been told my travel agencies that I need to work in the hospital for at least a year. ARgh.
  11. CinLeo42

    The COVID 19 Battle Cry for Retired Nurses

    I signed up on the IllinoisHelpls.net 2 days website and have not heard anything yet. Believe me, I'm not eager to jump into this, but I will help if needed. Anyone else sign up?
  12. CinLeo42

    Assessment simulation interview help

    Curious what area did you apply to?
  13. CinLeo42

    Tips for Reducing Interview Anxiety

    I'm applying for ICU position, and having a hard time finding interview help. Suggestions?
  14. CinLeo42

    Interview for different specility

    HI, waufah BSN, RN. I'm trying to answer the question of "What makes you qualified for this position?" but I am stuck because I know that I would need to be trained in ICU. Only thing I can say is "I'm qualified because I am willing to work hard in order to be a successful ICU nurse". I am so passionate about this choice that I would do whatever it takes to succeed. As a nurse that has been of floor for two years, how can I sell myself as being qualified to be in ICU?
  15. CinLeo42

    Interview for different specility

    Thank you so much!
  16. CinLeo42

    CoronaVirus and getting a job in a hospital

    Oh OK. I’ve been off floor for two years. Do they see me as a nurse need to train again?

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