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  1. abunce462

    Platt College?

    I recently applied to Platt College of Nursing in Aurora, CO for the June start. Anyone else apply? We're supposed to hear back before April 25th, so nervous! does anyone have any cool stories about their application process or school? Thank you!
  2. abunce462

    cca/cu denver integrated pathways program

    You got accepted YAY! You should be done by now, how was it? I'm applying in Spring 2018 Do you have any advice?
  3. abunce462

    Integrated Nursing Pathway at UCD

    This was awhile ago but I'm currently finishing pre reqs at ACC and applying to the INP program in Spring 2018, did you get accepted?
  4. abunce462

    Life decisions!

    Thank you! I have decided to apply and im taking the TEAS on Monday, I took some pre reqs this summer and hopefully they will transfer. How did you like the program?
  5. abunce462

    Platt college nursing Aurora admissions process

    how is the program? I'm considering it but the tuition is scary!
  6. abunce462

    Life decisions!

    I am currently taking my pre reqs for CCA's INP. But the program includes the rest of my pre reqs after my basic ones (eng 121, bio 111, psy 101). Its a BSN program and it doesnt start until next fall. I feel like I'm wasting my time waiting and I could take the classes and apply somewhere else. I'm taking the spring semester off since my pre pre reqs will be done and I'll just wait until I get accepted or denied?! THEN finish my pre reqs and transfer into the ACTUAL nursing program at CU. Im also considering a very expensive accelerated program at Platt College. Thoughts please! I would like a faster route but I want a good education of course.

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