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  1. coraraeb

    Keiser Winter 2017

    It's crazy that there isn't some kind of fb page or group offering more information. There isn't a lot of information on here either. It seems all the topics are just people bashing the program! If I don't remember to update you, remind me !
  2. coraraeb

    Keiser Winter 2017

    I would also like to know about the class hours/days please! I start at keiser Jacksonville January 7th! I'm eager for information but unfortunately they won't tell you much until orientation. I'm soooooo nervous. I can't imagine adding more to my already full plate' I'm extremely excited nonetheless
  3. coraraeb

    Impatient! Waiting to test!

    How long did you wait after applying to prometric to receive your test date?? I applied on Monday 7/3, did my fingerprints Wednesday 7/5 .....and now I wait 😩😩😩 there are so many jobs I would like to apply to! I'm ready to test!