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  1. nursecandy2019

    HEY, William Carey Nursing School (MS) Tradition Campus Folks!!!!

    Hey! I just began attending WC tradition campus this summer and I love it! The people are friendly, the classes are tough. I am in A&P 2 right now and its fast paced so I can only imagine how the other trimesters are, but it seems like the 3 professors I have so far are well qualified and actually want to make sure you make it! So far, I have a 3.5 prereq gpa and a 76 on my teas. I still have to take 2 classes in the fall and of course the two nursing prereqs for the winter trimester, but I am super excited to find out if I will make it for spring entry!
  2. nursecandy2019

    Bishop State Community College Fall 2017 Nursing

    Hey! I received my acceptance to Bishop today! I don't know if I am interested in attending anymore, so I might decline since I was accepted to a 4 year instead.