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  1. ipn

    Just my Peth through the evaluator's testing was positive. Since then, I refused inpatient rehab and I'm waiting to hear from DOH. There was no emergency action, so that's positive. I go every 30 days on my own accord for a Peth that gets sent to the...
  2. ipn

    During ipn intake/initial phone interview, case manager asked me if I drink. I said yes. That would have been a good time to tell me alcohol is considered a substance and would be part of testing. The ipn perpetuates the need for their existence and ...
  3. ipn

    Nov 2021 I informally complained about ratios and was targeted for reasonable suspicion drug testing which came back negative, including BAC. At that time I got my own testing include follicle. My employer (LH) ran a chart audit and I had to meet wit...
  4. FSW FALL 2018

    My girl and I both got in Lee traditional and I made a private Facebook group: FSW Lee ASN 2020 (If someone else wants to admin the group that would be awesome.) For future applicant pools who scour posts for hope and insight like many of us did: Me...
  5. FSW FALL 2018

  6. FSW FALL 2018

    Good luck. Just think of the July 25th FSW date as a 2nd shot. I took it twice, coincidentally the 2nd time at USF. Reading, I never improved my reading score. I love reading for learning but not for test practice, yuck. A&P is tough, have to hav...
  7. FSW FALL 2018

    GPA is of admission with all classes completed, the admission profiles for fall 2017: Charlotte GPA 2.93-4.0 TEAS 66-87 Points 59-83 Collier GPA 3.23-4.0 TEAS 72-93 Points 63-95 Lee GPA 2.97-4.0 TEAS 72-91.3 Points 65-100
  8. FSW FALL 2018

    3.11 9 classes 84.7 teas 73 points
  9. FSW FALL 2018

    Thank you for the reminder, and we do know... We're jus5 biding, operating on rationale, using timeframes and response patterns know to us from prior applicant pools.
  10. FSW FALL 2018

    I think it's been a couple years since there have been enough applicants to fill Charlotte ANEW that met the minimum criteria
  11. FSW FALL 2018

    May 15th.
  12. FSW FALL 2018

    I know several students hoping the numbers for Charlotte ANEW work. I think it's been a couple years?
  13. FSW FALL 2018

    At the end of last week an applicant received indication there will be Charlotte ANEW. Today an applicant walked by Wendy's office and theres a sign that reads, she's out of the office today. I suggested, all of nursing admin is sitting at starbucks...
  14. FSW FALL 2018

    I was just thinking of how fortunate we are. To have FSW. Between just south of sarasota/Bradenton and the everglades and from inland east coast all the way across to the gulf of Mexico in between... the only public college to offer ASN is our awesom...
  15. FSW FALL 2018

    Yes, mometrix. ATI pre test helped me ease the anxiety of unknowing, both my performance and test content.