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  1. kdnighRN

    New grad RN moving to Pocatello

    Thank you for your respons mfmn123. Not really sure what to ask about because I don't know what I don't know :) Any information about the area would be awesome as well as about Portneuf. Thank you for your insight in regard to Portneuf. I have heard that the MedSurg floor is super busy from another person but that its also a great place to learn lots of new information! I am currently in the interview process for a pre/post op job. Thank you again!
  2. kdnighRN

    New grad RN moving to Pocatello

    I am moving to pocatello in August for my fiance to finish school at ISU. I just graduated nursing school in May and am looking at applying to Portneuf. Looking for any insight or support!

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