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  1. Passed NCLEX 2nd Time With 75Q!

    Aw really? I just checked rn and I guess they deleted it. What is your email? My friend sent me the audio files of them as well. YES! Good luck!! You got this! ?
  2. Passed NCLEX 2nd Time With 75Q!

    Thank you so much!!! Uworld and LaCharity are great resources! Listen to Mark Klimek, I promise you he is worth listening to. Just keep practicing questions daily, remediate, take notes and consistently review! You've got this! Praying for you!
  3. Passed NCLEX 2nd Time With 75Q!

    Preparation for First Attempt of NCLEX My school used Kaplan and let me tell you, I SUCKED at Kaplan. I hated it. I thought their questions were so stupid and it just never made sense to me LOL. I didn't even bother to practice Kaplan questions b...
  4. APU 2+2 Fall 2017

    Hi! I actually commute from Ontario (Eastvale), its about a 45 min drive. But good luck! I hope you get in! :-)
  5. APU 2+2 Fall 2017

    Hi! Thank you! We actually just had orientation last Thursday & we were told that having a job while in the nursing program is very difficult and highly not recommended. HOWEVER, if your job is able to work around your schedule then that would de...
  6. APU 2+2 Fall 2017

    Yay! We'll be in clinicals together! Haha. Yes, I registered for classes. Hmm, thats weird yours didn't work.. Definitely contact Julie. Maybe its because you were notified last minute that you got into fall so your position into the program still ha...
  7. APU 2+2 Fall 2017

    Whos in Clinical group B/C?
  8. APU 2+2 Fall 2017

    Yay woos2! Congrats! The program starts on Aug. 28!
  9. APU 2+2 Fall 2017

    i actually didn't see anything, but maybe i'm just not looking in the right place... haha. btw, i haven't received an email yet. have you guys?
  10. APU 2+2 Fall 2017

    Congratulations!!! You're in, regardless!! :)
  11. APU 2+2 Fall 2017

    Keep us posted woos2!! I'm sure you in! They prolly give phone calls on different days.
  12. APU 2+2 Fall 2017

    Congratulations tholland1221!!! I haven't received an email yet either. Just double checking... our orientation is Aug 15, correct? :)
  13. APU 2+2 Fall 2017

    Congrats!!!!!! :-) I'm excited for all of us!!!
  14. APU 2+2 Fall 2017

    OMG. I just received the phone call today (around 445pm) that I've been accepted into the program!!! Don't worry, I'm sure you'll receive the call asap woos2! Log into your APU account, click student center, scroll down & you should see either a ...
  15. APU 2+2 Fall 2017

    Hey guys, I just received an email from APU that they've updated my account & gave me an APU email... My status is also green now.. Did you get this as well?? Do you know what this means? Also, saniboy1031 - I believe we find out by the 15th.