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  1. Bacon_bits

    Summer 2017 Chat

    I just wrapped up a Developmental Psychology 5 week course and started an online Biomedical Ethics course at Rutgers on Monday. My first online course ever so I'm hoping not to mess something up with all of these rapid fire assignments and convoluted websites.
  2. Bacon_bits

    Accelerated Programs vs. Community College/4 Year

    Thanks for the reply! I am not yet sure what are I would like to specify in, my biggest anxiety-inducing thought so far is that if I get into and graduate from an accelerated program my resume wont look as attractive as my peers who had previous experience. The problem I have been having so far is that "entry level" positions won't hire me because I have no experience thus I cannot get any, a vicious catch 22. I have applied at my local hospital to volunteer but the process seems very slow and they are contacting my references via mailed paper forms rather than email.
  3. Hey everybody I am really excited to be entering the nursing field in the (hopefully) near future! I was hoping I could get some advice on how to proceed on some educational choices. I have a BS in horticulture/plant science and have been looking into accelerated programs in my region (I live in Southern New Jersey relatively close to Philadelphia) at Rutgers Camden, Jefferson, and Drexel. I have finished up prereqs for the latter two and have one left in progress for Rutgers. The county college also has a nursing program called 3+1 (Rowan College at Burlington County) where students take 3 years of classes at community college and then obtain a BS in nursing in the final year through Rowan. Or at least that's my current understanding of the process. I am currently 24 so still relatively young I suppose but I would like to get my new career on its feet sooner rather than later so I can begin thinking about some practical things like saving for a house. The advice I was hoping for is which one seems the more viable option. The accelerated program would get me into the workforce much quicker but I have been unable so far to find an entry level position that will take me for healthcare experience. While I am reasonably confident that I can get into one of these accelerated programs I am concerned that the lack of experience prior to entering the program and the general inability to obtain any whilst in such an intensive program will make me an unattractive candidate once I have finished. The 4 year program will probably allow time to gain more experience while I get my education but will set me back as far as standing on my own two independent feet. Has anyone who has gone through an accelerated program with little previous experience got any good advice on the subject? Any other thoughts as far as which option is more realistic/achievable/viewed better in the field? Thank you! Chris