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  1. tangledtrio

    Another New CEP Rubric?

    I'm at 80 points! I may retake the Hesi to bump it up a little :). I have all As and Bs, prior degree, and 88 on math and around 93 on Eng for the Hesi so I'm going to shoot for higher on that. Good luck all of us!!!
  2. tangledtrio

    Is nursing for me? Having trouble in anatomy?

    Well first of all endocrine is anything but easy! Secondly, I know many students who have had to retake A&P because it is difficult. I am currently in A&P2 and can only tell you that the more you go over the material at home, make flash cards, write the information down, the more it will stick. Does your instructor teach from PowerPoints? All our lectures are over PowerPoints and the exams are built from the PowerPoints so each day I go over the PowerPoint we are covering or the flash cards I have made over them. It can be very discouraging.. I failed chemistry and it set me back a couple semesters because the semester I retook it I took only chemistry so I could devote all my time to it and got a B. I have met many students in a&p that decide to retake it and jump right back in. I would encourage you to keep trying! If you feel nursing is for you and it's the difficulty of the class I wouldn't give up based on that. Success is a pile of failure you are standing on. There will be many testing and trying times through nursing school, in fact I just cried tonight because I was overwhelmed from A&P2! Now looking back I'm thinking why did I cry, to get it out, that's why and then I will jump right back in and give it 110% effort on Tuesday. Best of luck to you!
  3. I'm currently in A&P 2 also and my next lecture exam is over the heart and blood vessels! So far I have an A in the class... I will share with you my study techniques but I know each person is different. In lecture I don't take a lot of notes unless the instructor says this you need to know or this will be on the exam. If he says that I write it down with stars next to it. My instructors lecture 100% from powerpoints they make. I make flash cards over each PowerPoint slide. I review the PowerPoint or the flash cards covering the topic we are currently on every single day (takes about an hour). The day or two before the exam I go over al the powerpoints and/or flash cards that will be on that exam. That's it! The more you write it down and the more times you expose the information to your brain the more it makes sense. I also try to pair letters within words to remind myself which is like a word trick/game that works well for me but is hard to explain. The only example I can think of now is Artery and Away. The As remind me that arteries carry blood away from the heart. Hope that helps! Good luck
  4. tangledtrio

    Maricopa CEP application 2019

    ASU does have an extra semester or two including summers.. so I am still going with Ottawa, that would graduate me Spring 2021 if accepted instead of Fall 2021 and save me quite a bit of money :) I know there's so much info and it changes every semester!
  5. tangledtrio

    Maricopa CEP application 2019

    Wow you are right, last semester you needed developmental psychology, nutrition, and statistics. It looks like they dropped those from their requirements!
  6. tangledtrio

    Maricopa CEP application 2019

    The reason I didn't go with ASU was the price and the extra classes would've taken me another semester to be able to apply and an additional semester after clinicals as well. They do have a higher GPA requirement than Ottawa and UIU. UIU has no extra classes I believe but are more per credit hour.
  7. tangledtrio

    Maricopa CEP application 2019

    I'm going for Ottawa, they are less per credit hour and have less extra classes added on. :)
  8. tangledtrio

    How many of you have failed a course? Please let me know I'm not alone.

    I had to retake Chemisty after failing and did good the second go round! Also have great grades in other courses.. Chemistry is a beast! You got this!
  9. tangledtrio

    Feeling Discouraged

    I have two girls ages two and five.. I also am just finishing pre reqs and feel overwhelmed.. it definitely helps to write down all you've done and all you have to still do to compare and remember how far you have come. just the pre-reqs alone are an accomplishment. I work as a hairstylist and my husband works, next year when I start nursing classes my oldest daughter will go to school and my husband works 3 12s so hopefully he can work the days I do not have class and we can be there for the youngest. We may try day care for her just the days there is a conflict, with her big sis who is also her best friend gone each day she may enjoy the time with other little ones. The expense for daycare is outrageous and we have thankfully never had to do daycare but we are open to it, with more than one child and one income it would be more challenging. I say try your hardest to make it work, even just with my current classes my husband has turned down shifts, promotions, and overtime so I could get to class and take care of my clients and he has sat down one on one and talked to his HR and they have thankfully worked with him. We also have no family support around. Some nights I greet him at the street and leave immediately as he walks through the door. It's so hard but I believe it can be achieved if everyone is willing to sacrifice. It is temporary. Maybe you will meet students in similar situations and trade babybsitting. Not the students in your nursing class that have the same class schedule but maybe ones in your pre reqs or on a post on here? I know your feelings because I'm feeling them to. Good luck!
  10. tangledtrio

    Maricopa CEP application 2019

    Concurrent Enrollment Program (CEP) | Maricopa Community Colleges the new point system is under the bullet that says review the CEP information session. I'm sitting on the traditional waitlist now and applying for the CEP this Dec/Jan as soon as my current grades post. I can't calculate my GPA until that happens either. The points are definitely different but I'm in the 80s now.. going to retake the Hesi to try for higher than 92%!
  11. tangledtrio

    Phoenix AZ Pre-Nursing

    I think you are making a very wise decision, good luck!
  12. tangledtrio

    Maricopa ADN waitlist

    Awesome! Thank you for all the information. I hope you are doing well with the course load and are cruising right on through!
  13. tangledtrio

    Phoenix AZ Pre-Nursing

    I've heard great things about Phoenix College for online Bio but can not tell you first hand. I'm currently taking BIO/202 in person (2 nights a week) and BIO/205 online in an 8 week format through Rio. Phoenix College was full by the time I needed to enroll and I needed the 8 week format :/ Rio is hard! All I can say with any online course is to really dedicate more time than you think to studying, I study BIO/205 about 5 hours per day now (but that is 8 week format) make flash cards, those are a life saver!
  14. tangledtrio

    Financial Aid

    Everyone has given you such good advice! I started my prerequisites with $50,000 in debt combined with my husband. This was previous student loans, credit cards, and an auto title loan at 60% interst if you can even believe that! We have two small children not yet in school so we work opposite shifts him as an EMT and me as a hairstylist. Over the course of three years we've eliminated $33,000 in debt. We have had to make sacrifices! No Disneyland, no fancy vacations, we share a vehicle that has no air conditioning (in Arizona!), and the list goes on. We are striving for a better future not only for ourselves but for our children as well. We are trying to break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck and letting our finances own us. I know you are excited to start nursing school but you Wouldn't want to be working all those hard shifts as a nurse and giving all your money away to your debt payments.. I have it worked out so I will have the remainder of our debt paid off and will use grants for nursing school and cash flow the rest. We will be debt free when I graduate. I wish you the best of luck and I can tell you from personal experience that debt payments are crippling, especially when trying to start a family, buy a house, or just enjoy your life!
  15. tangledtrio

    Maricopa ADN waitlist

    And I wonder if the same cohorts all go to the same university or if it's mixed universities!