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  1. ashley_godt1

    Samuel Merritt Spring 2021 BSN

    What I've been told is that once you finish your classes, you update them thru Nursing CAS. Once you click the update button after you enter your grade/s in, it will save it and you can see your transcripts in NursingCAS. It will look like all of the other classes even though it hasn't been verified by a transcript. You will send a second transcript to Samuel Merritt if accepted after ALL prerequisites have been completed. So, you only need to send one to nursingCAS, and then if admitted to the program you send a second one to Samuel Merritt directly.
  2. ashley_godt1

    Samuel Merritt Spring 2021 BSN

    I'm really nervous too! I'm hoping these next few weeks go by fast because I'm itching to know! I got a email on August 4th thanking me for my application and it says to use the "Academic Update Period" to update your Summer grades. I'm assuming it's on NursingCAS. The email also mentioned that the period to update Summer grades is from May 28th through August 28th. So get those grades in ASAP! Samuel Merritt sent these instructions to me if you need help updating your Summer grades: 1. Ensure your application’s status is Verified. 2. Navigate to the Academic History section. 3. Click Transcript Entry. 4. Click Edit under the school you are updating. 5. Click the blue pencil next to the term you are updating (if you need to add a new term, click Add Term). 6. Change the In Progress/Planned box to Completed. 7. Update your courses, credits, and grades. 8. Click Save All. 9. Click Update my application to send the updated information to your programs.
  3. ashley_godt1

    Samuel Merritt Spring 2021 BSN

    Samuel Merritt traditional BSN
  4. ashley_godt1

    Samuel Merritt Spring 2021 BSN

    Hey guys! Overall GPA 3.78 (this is final for Samuel Merritt. I'm taking O-Chem in the fall to expand my applications), No HESI, experience as a chiropractic aide and a caregiver. I have my CPR cert. If accepted, I'll be commuting from Roseville. So cool to hear from other applicants! Best of luck to all of you!
  5. ashley_godt1

    Montana State or Montana Tech BSN Program

    Hello all! Just wondering if there is graduates from Montana State for Montana Tech that could give me some advice regarding tips to get in, the average gpa accepted, (or any advice in that matter). Not a whole lot of information and chat about these programs from other students. I have a 3.76 for my prerequisites and I plan on applying in the fall of this year, 2017. I'm from California and just really want to get out and experience new things. Thanks in advance