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    RN new grad going into L&D

    CONGRATS on almost being done with school! I am a fairly new RN (graduate Dec 2018) and I started off on an LND unit as a new grad. I was oriented to both days and nights so I could get as much experience as possible. I will say that if you have any doubts about LND or you may want to consider another path you might want to consider starting on med surg or something similiar. LND is so specialized and has totally different skill sets compared to other nursing jobs. I knew I wanted LND so I was more than willing to start off with it and stick with it! As long as you ask questions, try to get as much experience on orientation and jump into the unknown you'll do great! Good luck!
  2. LNDNursila

    Inconsistencies in SVEs

    Hello there! I'm a fairly new RN, 14 months as an LND RN. I wanted some advice on how to tackle this situation that happened to me this morning during shift change. Last night I had an induction for GHTN. When I checked her upon admission, she was 0 cm. After a dose of cytotec, she was 2cm and after the epidural I called her 3 cm. For me, 3 cm is being able to get 2 fingers into the cervix and spread them slightly. Fast forward to shift change! The provider wants to go AROM the pt. When she checks her she tells the dayshift RN that she is 1.5cm/tight 2 cm and won't AROM her. I was literally shocked. I know that vag exams are subjective but for me 1.5 cm means that you can't get a second finger into the cervix and I very well could. I can't help but feel slightly incompetent and embarrassed but I still feel like she was 3 cm in my opinion! I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. I've seen times before where doctors and even other nurses backtrack exams because they don't agree with the previous checker but I haven't had it personally happen to me. Does anyone have any advice or personal experience with this type of situation and how to navigate it going forward?