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  1. Dreams2021

    Switching Depts

    Hello Everyone! I am currently an RN in a surgical oncology dept and have been trying to get into ED. I was interviewed once but due to lack of ED experience did not get the position. I have applied to several positions and get the same feedback hay they want someone with experience. I have an interview today with a small community hospital within my organization. I'm currently working at the larger hospital and the ED here is always busy. I have been looking at the census of the small hospital and they never have more than 4-5 patients in the ED. I'm leaving my current position as I feel bored and am not learning anymore at this point. I am seeking a challenge and have always wanted ED. I've been in my position for 2 years and have been an RN for 4 years. I'm going back for my FNP and would like to get more experience in a different specialty. My concern is this small community hospital won't have the variety I am looking for. The good thing would be that I am in ED and it's experience. I could always stick it out until I have. 1 year and then apply at other larger hospitals. It seems to be impossible to get into ED without experience where I am. Looking for any insight! Thanks!
  2. I loved reading all the positive stories. I start my FNP in August and have 3 kids (13, 7 and 2). I have a very supportive husband and we discussed when would be the best time. Basically it's a better to get it done now and over with kind of deal
  3. Dreams2021

    Nurse Practitioner Salary in Chicago

    I am in school for my NP but the NPs I work with started out at about 75-80 about 3-4 years ago. Located in the Northwest suburbs. I'm curious to see what the offers will be like when I graduate. I am in my first semester.