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  1. Covid Vaccine

    Point well taken! I’m very careful to avoid the shoulder joint. I make people undress enough to expose the shoulder to be able to palpate the acromion. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  2. Covid Vaccine

    We don’t have needle size choices, appears to be 1 “. So I do need to modify the arm or not go in all the way on the frail and small arms. Our online prep course says give 2-3 finger widths below shoulder bone. I spend a lot of time palpating the arm...
  3. Covid Vaccine

    Share any tips you have for me.
  4. Covid Vaccine

    Is bunching up the arm a standard of practice for frail or small arms? I’ve seen online that is my a technique that should be used for Covid vaccine.
  5. Covid Vaccine

    Thanks so much!
  6. Covid Vaccine

    Thanks for your tip. I have been darting it in. Any advice for small frail arms?
  7. Covid Vaccine

    I’m giving Covid vaccines in our community. I’m looking for tips on deltoid IM injections from other nurses. Many needle phobic people I want to give the least painful shot as possible. Also many frail people with small arms.
  8. IV insertion: 20 gauge vs 22 gauge

    That probably is my issue, I need to adjust the amount I advance after getting a flash. Thanks.
  9. IV insertion: 20 gauge vs 22 gauge

    Thanks for that tip,it's possible that's what my mistake is. I did notice when I went to advance, the catheter" bunched up " at the skin insertion site.
  10. IV insertion: 20 gauge vs 22 gauge

    I feel like it's something I'm doing wrong. I do have occasional issues with not being able to thread my 22's also. It may be I'm not seeing the flash soon enough and go in too much. Thank you you for all your advice
  11. IV insertion: 20 gauge vs 22 gauge

    For general anesthesia patients we have to use 20 gauge IV's . Most of our patients get conscious sedation and we use 22's. Today I missed two patients IV 's using 20's, got a great flash but couldn't thread. Both were hand sites I missed ,but got t...
  12. Compression Socks..... No Longer Just for Grandma.

    They sound like a great help for my legs that have started burning and itching. Anyone have a coupon code for discount when ordering?
  13. New job, IV issues

    i also had a hard time learning to put in IV's. Look at my post : hand IV trouble (June 22). I received several helpful tips that I have been implementing with success.I always say putting in IV's is much harder than it looks. Be patient with yourse...
  14. How much notice would you give?

    I would stay on in your per diem job and work a few days now and then to be sure the new job is what you hope it is. I found myself going back to my per diem job when my part time job didn't work out. I always say "don't burn any bridges".
  15. Hand IV trouble

    What do you do if you hit a nerve? I just took out the needle, the patient seemed to be in a lot of pain.