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  1. lms-7

    Uworld, Mary Ann Hogan or Saunders?

    Did you use something else or just uworld?
  2. lms-7

    Uworld, Mary Ann Hogan or Saunders?

    Wow thanks for the info! I can kinda relate with this! Now, did you use something else or uworld only?
  3. Trying to decide which one will be the best as Qbank. Any suggestions?
  4. Here is my story. I graduated back in 2012. I was very motivated to take the exam. I used Kaplan/Saunders and failed twice! I have to admit I didn't practice enough. I didn't answer more than 1,000 questions. I mostly read and answered prob 25-50/day. I started losing my motivation, but then I realized I need to do this. In July 2012 I had a car accident after an unexplained seizure. They did lots of lab work, eeg etc... and finally found it was epilepsy. Right now it is controlled, but i used to have 1-2/week for over a year. My driver's license was revoked for a almost 3 years! Anyway, my brain didn't have enough room to concentrate. I found a job and until this date, I'm working there (retail/warehousing; non nursing related). Not so long ago, I started re gaining motivation and contacted the BON to see if I was still registered. Fortunately yes. PA BON has unlimited retakes and no one loses their registration. I see there's a lot going on with the NCLEX (changes) and I really need to refresh my brain. A refresher course can be taking after you pass the nclex which is ridiculous, but in the meantime I have to figure out something else. Reading and reading kills my vision. Honestly I was wondering if there's a review that helps to retain, videos, ilustrations to auto recover the topics/material I need for NCLEX RN. Also, I've heard of uworld. I tried and I was impressed my critical thinking isn't terrible, but still I need a study guide in order to regain some of the knowledge. Any comments? Suggestions?