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  1. jalilly

    New Grad: Dream Job in the ICU and I Hate it....

    First of all, take a deep breath. You WILL get through this. Being a new nurse is challenging and stressful and overwhelming. This is expected. There are things you can do to make this situation better. Next, please reach out to family, friends, and a counselor/ therapist for support. You need a great team of people who will be there for you during this difficult time. Next, you need to make a meeting with your manager ASAP. You need to talk to your manager. Tell your manager that the relationship you have with your preceptor is not adequate for learning in the ICU setting. Tell them you are overwhelmed and anxious. It is unacceptable that you feel humiliated at work. Request a new preceptor and request to have meetings with your managers and educators weekly to talk about your goals and progress. If you are not able to switch preceptors, your new preceptor is not supportive, or you continue to be in a toxic work environment then you can think about next steps. If you still don't like ICU after a preceptor change then you should consider moving to a different floor. Please, take care of yourself and do not give up on your nursing career. There are so many areas of nursing to work in and you will find a good fit. Keep us updated on how it goes!
  2. jalilly

    I fainted in L&D clinical... HELP

    Hi! I understand this must have been an awkward and anxiety provoking experience for you. First of all, you CAN be a L&D nurse even though you fainted during your first vaginal birth. I have a friend who fainted during her observation in the OR and now works as an OR nurse. Syncope is a natural physiologic reaction and sometimes it just happens. I know you aren't squeamish but you were standing for >40 minutes, it was probably a crowded room, maybe you were sweaty. If L&D is your passion don't give it up entirely.
  3. jalilly

    Relocating to Chicago with a family

    Hi! There's lots of great hospitals in Chicago and I'm sure that as an experienced nurse you will find multiple opportunities here. I would recommend applying to many hospitals in Chicago and the suburbs. New grads in Chicago make around $30/hr so I believe your current salary will be matched (or more). The Chicago Public School system is complicated, the best public schools are located in the North and West Suburbs. Good luck to you and your family!
  4. jalilly

    I failed my patient today- Student Nurse

    Hi there, To be honest, this was hardly an error. Nystatin is a topical fungal cream that is harmless. It's a tiny, tiny mistake that you did not verify the order beforehand. You are a student and it's ultimately the nurse's and the instructor's responsibility to make sure you are doing things correctly. You did absolutely nothing to harm the patient and you corrected the mistake efficiently. I can tell that you care a lot about your patients and that shows! Don't be so hard on yourself. Mistakes like this happen. Be alert and cautious always but remember you are human. If your anxiety is affecting you in clinical and in school, reach out to your primary care provider and find a therapist. You are enough and you can be a great nurse if you believe in yourself! Best of luck.
  5. jalilly

    Rush Medical Center Chicago RN Salary

    Hello, I don't know exact pay rates but it is well known that Rush offers one of the most competitive salaries in Chicago. Rush also has great benefits and a great reputation. Good luck with your job search!
  6. jalilly

    UIC Nursing- Which site is better?

    Hi! I am a student on the Urbana campus. Feel free to message me on here. I can't really speak for Chicago or Springfield because I don't go to either of those schools. I would recommend visiting Champaign before applying or committing here. I've had a great experience here in Champaign. There are 60 students so we have small class sizes and the professors know us very well. I'm very close with my cohort and clinical group. Champaign is definitely a classic college town... lots of bars, sports, etc. It's a lot of fun! In Chicago, the nursing school is much larger and there's a lot more nursing activities such as speakers and nursing organizations to be part of. But Champaign is known a world class research university and there's a lot of activities that might not be directly related to nursing but lots of leadership opportunities. Also, if you to go school in Urbana you pay tuition to UIC but fees to U of I. Let me know if you have more questions!
  7. jalilly

    UB Nursing School application essays

    In general, if there is a 2,000 character maximum you don't want the essay to be more than 1,800 words. It's best to keep the essay around 1,000 words in my opinion. I would make your essay a little bit longer since it's 700 words. Being concise is a good thing though! The real question is: Did you answer the question thoroughly? Is grammar and punctuation perfect? Have someone who is a great writer edit your essay to see what they think!
  8. jalilly

    I'm still nervous!

    Hi! I can tell that you're nervous and that nursing school is something you care a lot about. This is one of my life mottos: there are things in life that are in your control and things in your life that are out of your control. You have to accept the unpredictability of the 'out of control' things and do your best to organize everything that is in your control. In your situation, there's a lot in your control! You have a 4.0 which is a great GPA. You have a CNA license and work in healthcare. What you feel most worried about is the proctored essay. In order to feel more confident you need to practice writing! Find some essay topics online and give yourself an hour to write them. Then find someone to edit them with you. There's lots of writing tips and essay tips online. No matter what the subject is, you CAN write a good essay if you have prepared well. If writing isn't your strong suit you need to reach out for help. You seem like a great applicant for nursing school! Try your hardest to get in and don't give up. Whatever happens, everything will be okay and there's always another opportunity to apply.
  9. jalilly

    Advice for Clinicals?

    Hi! I completely understand how you feel, I was also very anxious before my first clinical. First, take a deep breath because everything will be okay! Since you have your first clinical in a nursing home, you should expect to meet with your clinical group and instructor first. You will probably be assigned 1 patient. Your tasks will include providing basic care for the patient including a bed bath, vital signs, walking the patient, etc. My advice is to learn from the nursing aides that work on the floor. They will teach you a lot. Don't hesitate to ask for help. Good luck.
  10. jalilly

    Anyone got an extra few mins?

    Emailed you!
  11. jalilly

    feedback on admission essay

    I love this essay! Your passion for nursing shines through. I can tell you are confident that you want to become a nurse. You should have this edited for grammar and punctation but someone who really knows their stuff. Do you know anyone who majored in english in college, any teachers or writers? Colleges and libraries often have events where people will edit papers as well. Ask two people to edit this essay. I loved the sentence where you said " I have watched nurses save lives right in front of their eyes...". Can you give a 2-3 sentence story of that experience in your essay or pinpoint a specific experience that made you want to become a nurse? Consider putting that story at the very beginning of your essay. The profession of nursing is a rewarding, selfless and stable career that I am eager to become a part of. I would change this sentence to" Nursing is a rewarding and selfless career and I am eager to become part of this profession. Consider changing the last sentences to " With a nursing degree my scope of practice will broaden which will allow for more rewarding experiences throughout my career and I will strive to achieve excellence in all aspects of my studies." Good luck!
  12. jalilly

    What is the hardest part of nursing school?

    I understand where your anxiety comes from- you don't know what to expect and people are telling you scary things. Yes, nursing school is hard. But don't forget, YOU got into nursing school! You earned your spot in this program through hard work. You will continue to work hard, and everything will be okay if you stay positive and stay focused. For me, the hardest part of nursing school was learning skills like IVs because of the limited time in clinical and learning how to do NCLEX style questions. I am a 'people person' and connecting with patients came easily to me, I have strong critical thinking skills, and I learned a strong work ethic in my prerequisite classes so nursing classes weren't too difficult. My advice is to take it one day at a time. Keep a calendar. Keep a 'to do' list. If you can, cut down on the hours you are working during nursing school. If you take care of your kids or have other responsibilities, ask for support. Make friends with other nursing students. Study in a quiet space. Everyone talks about how horrible and hard nursing school is. It is true, nursing school can suck. But no one talks about the great parts of nursing school. You will spend lots of time with other nursing students and make lifelong friends. You will get to know your patients and you will remember them forever. There's nothing more rewarding than your first IV stick. You may see open heart surgery, a baby's first breath, comfort someone who just found out they had cancer, etc. Don't stress too much! Good luck!
  13. jalilly

    I want to be a CNM...were my first job as a nurse be?

    If your goal is to become a CNM, it will be extremely beneficial for you to take the L&D job. It will be harder to get into a CNM program without L&D experience and CNM school will be easier with more births under your belt. But, you have a little one who needs your attention and working nights will be hard. If you truly feel that your daughter needs your attention at this point in your life there is no shame in that. In my opinion, if you take this job now applying to CNM school will be more straightforward. If you take this job- don't do this alone! Ask for my support and help from your partner, family, friends, etc. Remember- your daughter will outgrow this phase in a few years. But most importantly, trust your gut instinct. If you truly feel inclined one way or another let your heart guide you. Ask your loved ones what their opinions are. Write a pros and cons list. And remember, whatever happens everything will be OK. Good luck to you.
  14. jalilly

    CNM or L&D?

    It sounds to me like your passion and goal is to become a midwife! There are different types of midwives in the US. I would look at this chart on the American College of Nurse Midwives website (midwife.org) which describes different types of midwives. There's also a lot of useful info on that website which should help you. http://midwife.org/acnm/files/ccLibraryFiles/FILENAME/000000006807/FINAL-ComparisonChart-Oct2017.pdf You could become a home birth midwife, which is a CPM. They are only licensed in certain states and have a smaller scope of practice compared to CNMs. In order to become a CNM, you will need to obtain a nursing degree first. There are lots of different ways to go about this. You could do an accelerated BSN/ RN program. You could work as an RN after nursing school in any specialty (like Labor and Delivery) and apply to CNM school after. You could apply into a graduate entry nursing program as well. Also, there are a few direct entry CNM programs for people w/out a nursing degree in the US you can apply to. Additionally, you can apply to a Certified Midwife program which will give you the same credentials as a nurse midwife but you don't need a nursing degree. CMS are only licensed in certain states though. You need to do a lot of research in order to figure out which path is right for you! Keep an open mind and good luck!

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