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  1. jalilly

    New Grad: Dream Job in the ICU and I Hate it....

    First of all, take a deep breath. You WILL get through this. Being a new nurse is challenging and stressful and overwhelming. This is expected. There are things you can do to make this situation better. Next, please reach out to family, friends, and ...
  2. jalilly

    I fainted in L&D clinical... HELP

    Hi! I understand this must have been an awkward and anxiety provoking experience for you. First of all, you CAN be a L&D nurse even though you fainted during your first vaginal birth. I have a friend who fainted during her observation in the...
  3. jalilly

    Relocating to Chicago with a family

    Hi! There's lots of great hospitals in Chicago and I'm sure that as an experienced nurse you will find multiple opportunities here. I would recommend applying to many hospitals in Chicago and the suburbs. New grads in Chicago make around $30/hr so I ...
  4. jalilly

    I failed my patient today- Student Nurse

    Hi there, To be honest, this was hardly an error. Nystatin is a topical fungal cream that is harmless. It's a tiny, tiny mistake that you did not verify the order beforehand. You are a student and it's ultimately the nurse's and the instructor's...
  5. jalilly

    Advice From Season Nurses

    I agree with everything said above. First, please prioritize taking care of yourself. I would recommend that you start seeing a therapist as soon as possible. They will be able to guide you through this. Do you have Employee Assistance Program (EAP) ...
  6. jalilly

    Rush Medical Center Chicago RN Salary

    Hello, I don't know exact pay rates but it is well known that Rush offers one of the most competitive salaries in Chicago. Rush also has great benefits and a great reputation. Good luck with your job search!
  7. jalilly

    MSN/DNP (direct entry) competetiveness?

    I believe you are a very strong applicant! You listed all the reasons why you will be a good applicant. Nursing schools look for strong academic potential, healthcare experience, and passion for nursing. You obviously went to a good college and hav...
  8. jalilly

    First code blue, hard not to blame myself.

    No, you should not quit this unit. Don't let this unfortunate situation define or break you. I can tell that you are thoughtful and have strong critical thinking skills because according to what you wrote, your actions are appropriate. First, the pa...
  9. jalilly

    BSN did I make the right choice?

    First, accelerated BSN programs are extremely challenging and they smash a ton of information into a very short period of time. It's normal to feel drained and confused. My advice is this: just because you don't like a rotation in nursing school does...
  10. jalilly

    Can someone help on which route I should take?

    I would choose the BSN program. First of all, it's less time and less money. When you are working as a RN, it really doesn't matter if you have a MSN or BSN. You will be doing the same job either way. Also, in order to become a FNP you will need a M...
  11. jalilly

    CNM or NP as next step for a new grad?

    Hi, Both are wonderful career options! My best advice is to gain experience as a RN before you make any decisions in graduate school. The exact amount of time you need for grad school depends on a lot of factors, but I think at least 2 years is a go...
  12. jalilly

    UIC Nursing- Which site is better?

    Hi! I am a student on the Urbana campus. Feel free to message me on here. I can't really speak for Chicago or Springfield because I don't go to either of those schools. I would recommend visiting Champaign before applying or committing here. I'v...
  13. jalilly

    UB Nursing School application essays

    In general, if there is a 2,000 character maximum you don't want the essay to be more than 1,800 words. It's best to keep the essay around 1,000 words in my opinion. I would make your essay a little bit longer since it's 700 words. Being concise is ...
  14. jalilly

    I'm still nervous!

    Hi! I can tell that you're nervous and that nursing school is something you care a lot about. This is one of my life mottos: there are things in life that are in your control and things in your life that are out of your control. You have to acce...
  15. jalilly

    Advice for Clinicals?

    Hi! I completely understand how you feel, I was also very anxious before my first clinical. First, take a deep breath because everything will be okay! Since you have your first clinical in a nursing home, you should expect to meet with your clinic...