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  1. tle6

    Torrance Memorial RN Residency Feb 2020

    Nothing yet either. Which unit did you guys Interview for?
  2. tle6

    Torrance Memorial RN Residency Feb 2020

    Congrats!! Do you guys usually submit cover letters too?
  3. A thread for those applying for Winter 2020 cohort, which is expected to start Feb 24, 2020. Goodluck to all of us who are applying!!
  4. tle6


    Did you get it @oliviaapNS ?! My passion is mother/baby as well and I'd love to hear your experience with the interview!
  5. For those that applied/got hired. Please help! I'm looking to apply for their next cohort. Did you guys have to submit a portfolio with a personal statement? And also, did you guys all had prior RN experience elsewhere? Thanks for your time.
  6. tle6

    Houston Nurse Residency spring 2020

    For those who got an HCA recruiter call; do they ask you extensive questions or what do they typically say for these calls? I'm a ball of nervous wreck. Thanks friends!
  7. tle6

    Roseman University ABSN July 2019

    Hi guys~ I just graduated from this program, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Congrats & welcome to Roseman!
  8. tle6


    Yes, it is still pass/fail...which is not ideal. Passing requirement is 90% on all exams. However on the final transcript after graduation, you can request for a GPA to be listed as well.
  9. tle6


    Hi everyone, I just graduated from this program currently studying for NCLEX & thought I'd re-visit this forum as it has helped me when I was nervous about applying here. Don't hesitate to ask questions if you guys need! Good luck all~
  10. tle6

    Roseman University ABSN Spring 2018

    Hi there, @goldenbsn I am currently an ABSN student. Wanted to reassure you that your stats are looking great. Although from the most recent interviewees, I heard they changed the number of interview invites they're sending out vs when I applied last year. So, I'm assuming that students' stats must be more competitive now than previous cohorts. BUT, to me, your stats looks great. If your science GPA is high, that would be even better. Keep it up and good luck! Hope this helps.
  11. tle6

    Western University MSN-E Fall 2017

    I was searching through the site for the length of the MSN-E program, but couldn't find it. Does anyone have info on that? Please share, thanks!
  12. tle6

    ABSN CSULA Summer 2018

    The program states that: "All four sciences with lab prerequisite courses must be completed by the end of the preceding fall quarter/semester in order to apply for that summer's ABSN program." Could anyone clarify; we would have to complete all science prereqs Fall of 2017 (this year) in order to apply for Summer 2018, is that correct? Also, if you guys don't mind sharing your stats..like Teas and undergrad GPA. I don't feel as qualified and wondering if I should apply this semester. Thanks!!
  13. tle6

    NCLEX/Working in California as a Roseman Graduate

    Hi! Thank you for your advice. I'm from CA and will be going to Roseman in Feb 2018. Lets say if I graduate June 2019, you would recommend applying to take the NCLEX in CA 4-6 months in advance then? I would like to take the NCLEX at least 1.5months after graduating. Any info will help! Thank you.
  14. tle6

    Clinical Sites in California

    Hi there! I take it that you're a current student at WGU? This particular program is news to me as I'm trying to apply to an ABSN program in SoCal. Could I ask what you think about the program so far? How long is the program and is it strictly online? Does it prep you well for...lets say clinicals and even exams. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you so much!
  15. tle6

    Roseman University ABSN (didactic online)

    Hi Lauren! I've accepted my offer to the ABSN program in LV for feb 2018 and am very anxious! Just wanted to ask what's your insight on the didactic portion of the program? Do you feel prepared for clinicals learning in this way?
  16. tle6

    Roseman University Las Vegas ABSN October 2017

    Hi guys, So I received an email for the interview on July 12th; however, it seems that the October cohort is all filled so we are given 3 choices as mentioned above ^^. Does anyone have an idea of why they would have more than 1 round of interviews if the case was that they would offer the first group all of the seats? Anyone else on the same boat? It would be my first choice to be a part of the October cohort...Anywhos, I would still be flying out to NV for this interview and am nervous! Any tips or advice would be appreciated (for the interview portion).

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