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  1. Nursemomo3816

    Freaking out

    Unfortunately I am not the HAs supervisor. It makes for a difficult dynamic. I’ve come in smiling and friendly. The HAs are employed by the school district and I’m contracted out from the county. It very strange. I’m kinda looked at as a visitor. I honestly don’t feel like it is a safe system. I think I need to quit. I feel like throwing up every morning. I feel terrible leaving right before school starts though.
  2. Nursemomo3816

    Freaking out

    I just took a job as a school nurse, mainly for the better schedule while my son is young. I honestly didn’t know the extent of what I signed up for. I have five schools - 4 elementary and 1 middle school. I have 8 diabetics, countless other SAR, seizure and asthma kids. I probably have over 4,000 kids. I have 4 part time health assistants, they are not trained by me and have a different employer, so they are very territorial of the health rooms. I don’t have a preceptor and only had 3 days of orientation offsite in a classroom. I honestly don’t know what to do. I’m beyond overwhelmed and school hasn’t even started yet. I’m supposed to train 6 uninterested busy secretaries to give emergency meds and insulin. I want to quit! I don’t want to be a jerk by quitting the day before school starts, but this is insane to me. Any advice is appreciated.
  3. Nursemomo3816

    Feeling in crisis first job

    I really need some guidance and advice!! I took the first job I was offered right out of nursing school and I am now miserable and feeling stuck. I have a BSN. I work in a post acute care rehab. I've been there only two and a half months, I had two weeks of training which consisted of me just following an LPN. Well now things aren't good, I have an insane patient load. Usually 25-27 patients, sometimes it might be as low as 15, which is still a lot. I work as charge nurse, doing treatments, high risk meds and am required to chart Assessments for the majority of my patients, usually about 17-20. We have two med nurses that give the scheduled meds. So there is that. All the nurses stay at least 2 hours late. I don't feel supported at all. The other day I had an admission, something I had never done before, and of course they came 30 min before the end of shift. I was left to flounder by the nurse care manager. No help or guidance at all. I feel like an idiot all the time. I honestly want to cry everyday. I don't know what to do. I feel like quitting will make it hard for me to get another job. And if I do quit I know they would not give me a nice reference. I can't keep staying hours after. I have a baby at home and a husband that also works full time. I am completely drained. I want to be a good nurse and a good mom and wife. I don't feel like i am any of those things right now. Please help me! I don't know what to do.
  4. Nursemomo3816

    SNF New nurse job advice

    Thanks for you advice. I really hope I don't have to stay there for a year. I'm going to try and stick it out until I find another job. But respectfully, I don't agree that lying is the way to go as I'm applying for other positions. I'm going to apply for some more residencies and hopefully find a job that I love.
  5. Nursemomo3816

    SNF New nurse job advice

    Hi all, I graduated with my BSN in spring. I've had a few hospital interviews but no offers. I'm really bad at talking about myself. I applied for a job in a post acute rehab. They offered it to me, and because it seemed like good hours, Day shift, so I took it. I have a 1 year old,so I thought I would be able to still have most of the afternoon with him. Well after a two week training, things are not what I expected. I have 25-30 patients. We have patients that have IVs, tube feedings, lots of complicated wound care, drains, dementia, a few hospice, tons of diabetic pts. If even one pt has a change in condition, it makes the day difficult. But I usually have at least 5 patients with changes in condition a shift. The cnas are understaffed too. It's too much, even the most experienced nurses there stay 2 hours late and still can't get everything done. I like the work I'm doing, I like providing nursing care, I just never get to eat lunch, I can't give the care I want or need to and I'm always running late to pick up my son from daycare. It's starting to burn me out already. They are chronically understaffed and have a high turnover. it's also been hard on my husband and son. I don't know if I should quit? Would that just make it even harder to get a hospital job? I was also thinking about asking to cut down to part time? I don't think they'd go for that, I've only been there a month. What should I do? I miss my family and I don't want burn out. and we don't need the full time salary, my husband makes enough for us to live on. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks
  6. Nursemomo3816

    Nurse to patient ratio

    I work in a post Acute rehab, day shift. Most days we have two nurses, with 24-30 patients. +2 med nurses. We have tons of complicated wound care, IVs, ng tubes, lots of accuchecks and chf and copd exacerbation, some dementia patients.