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  1. kelgreeneyez

    Regis College MSN PMHNP

    how is the program pmhnp going at regis?
  2. kelgreeneyez

    Regis College Fall 2018

    I am applying within the next few wks for PMHNP starting Jan 2019 start. how is it going everyone?
  3. kelgreeneyez

    Passed NCLEX 265 questions in 6 hrs

    HI all! I have used this website for much insight throughout my Kaplan/NCLEX preparations. I am on vaca and don't have all my data but will update once I get home. I took Kaplan to prepare in person. I want to give hope to the one's who go in thinking/hoping to be done at 75 and go all the way. I did the Pearson Vue hack and it was successful. I did it at 3, 6, and 27hrs. I used wrong exp and CVC. I checked for quick results at 46hr today (Sunday) and they were available.... PASS! Thank god. I found the NCLEX to be very difficult and unlike Kaplan. Everyone has a different test so hard to gauge. I don't want to say too much because I know now for sure yes, some may find it easy however others don't. We all get a unique test so anyones opinion is very much their own experience. GOOD LUCK to all! Stay confident, keep calm and pray! Def prepare urself to go all the way just incase!! 3 of my 6 day one girls from school took it so far and we all did 265....yes most do 75....you just NEVER know what u will get until u get there. GOOD LUCK!