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  1. Seyleigh

    Student Loans and Debt

    Many associates programs no longer do lottery admissions, like Cuesta, Antelope Valley College, or College of the Desert. San Marcos State offers an accelerated BSN through their extended education program. It would take longer to get your RN license before your NP, but it would be cheaper than paying $175,000. If you get your NP license, the Nurse Corps program may help pay for it if you promise to work in an underserved area. So that could also decrease your student loans. The United States Military has programs to help pay for your ASN or BSN in exchange for years of service as an officer. $175,000 seems high.
  2. Seyleigh

    When to apply for nurse practioner programs

    Thank you everyone for your answers and advice!
  3. Hi, Disclaimer: I have one year left of my BSN program before taking the NCLEX. I know I still need to pass next year. But right now there is time to ask questions and look up information. How much registered nursing experience is needed before having a chance of getting into a nurse practioner program? There are two public colleges within 3-4 hours of me that just require a BSN and RN license to apply. My instructors have all recommended having 2 years of full time experience before applying to any masters programs. Experience is important because you want to make sure you get the right MSN for you, prior experience aids in understanding, and MSN+prior nursing experience=job. Would it be worth applying to these two nurse practioner programs right after starting my nursing career? Should I wait? I'd prefer to be done with formal schooling before I have kids, and I'll be 27 when I earn my RN license (if I pass next year).