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  1. OneRN50

    HIPAA Violation? I don't think this is a violation

    Chicken lady are you meaning this isn't a HIPAA issue?? Hannah banana...not sure what you mean by HIPAA deniers??? I'm very careful about privacy even in prison
  2. So we had one of our doctors call back into our facility(prison) saying he wouldn't be in for two weeks because he had a covid exposure at his office ..I took the call and let the other nurse know the situation..the pharmacist was also present in our office and wondered if the Dr was exposed before he had been at our facility the day before...the other suggested calling the Dr to ask him so the pharmacist phoned the Dr and the Dr let us know his exposure was after he went back to his office at his practice. Now the NA and the Dep are trying to say HIPAA was violated because I let staff know of the doctors call and the pharmacist called the Dr to ask him.....there were no patient names mentioned and it had nothing to do with any of our mutual patients...I don't think this is a violation..I am very conscientious about privacy and would never have said anything if I'd thought I was in violation of it. Any thoughts???
  3. OneRN50

    Did I break Confidentiality

    Thank you....your comment eases my mind some..I appreciate it
  4. OneRN50

    Did I break Confidentiality

    I guess what I'm really asking is should I self report that I contacted the officer....I no longer work there but this issue is killing me I feel so guilty...it wasnt done maliciously I would never do that . But after I thought shoot I shouldnt have talked to him . What do I do
  5. OneRN50

    Should I self report

    A patient was discharged with too many suboxone pills accidentally...nurse is an acquaintance on outside with his probation officer and contacted the officer to get a hold of the treatment team leader ....nurse and officer discussed situation....officer found the patient and the patient brought back the extra pills ....should nurse tell on herself regarding contacting the probation officer on her own time ..I dont believe the nurse mentioned the patients name in the messages
  6. OneRN50

    Did I break Confidentiality

    JadedCPN you sound as if you're mocking me
  7. OneRN50

    Did I break Confidentiality

    Thank you for your kind words....yes I felt a need to immediately reach the patient. The doctor normally would send remainder of pills and had asked that morning what he had left I told her and she never called back to say she wanted less sent and did not bring us the chart....I felt like I did everything I could to resolve the situation. The PO did find him and he did bring back the extra I take full accountability for my actions...I feel so guilty like if I dont tell on myself I'm not being honest
  8. OneRN50

    Did I break Confidentiality

    I have a question...I was working in drug and alcohol rehab...a patient decided he was leaving treatment and the doctor had to do a last minute discharge...long story short the guy was discharged with too many suboxone pills( Dr wanted him to only take 10)....when I realized the discrepancy I tried to call the patient and didn't reach him...in the meantime the treatment team leader had reached out to the guts probation officer to get in touch with him.. I am acquaintances with the probation officer outside of work and being g desperate to reach the discharged patient I private messaged the probation officer after I got home and asked him to call the treatment team leader as soon as he could...we discussed the situation in messaging but I dont believe I wrote the patients name...the PO may have .. anyway the guy brought the extra meds back so that was good but I feel terrible now to think I may have breached confidentiality by reaching out to the probation officer on my own time...Any advice would be appreciated
  9. OneRN50

    Do I disclose??

    Thank you
  10. OneRN50

    Do I disclose??

    I resigned my previous job on 9/11/19..on 9/12 I made an error. I had already been hired at my present job on 9/11....on my last working day at previous employer I was given a Formal counseling memo which is supposed to be to track improvement....how can I improve when I no longer work there.....I am grieving it....my union rep thinks it's a retaliation or punitive act therefore she told me I didnt need to mention it to my current employer...I feel so guilty like I'm hiding something. It was a no harm done error...any advice???
  11. OneRN50

    Nursing Smells You Love?

    Vitamin B tablets
  12. OneRN50


    Well my friends get this....this error I previously spoke of...you guessed it...i was given a Formal Counseling and get this...on my last working day there...I had already resigned to take another position elsewhere....I didnt really need this hanging over my head...I'm a complete mess today all day....I've contacted my union and am grieving the memo Does anyone have any experience with formal counseling memos???please advise
  13. OneRN50

    Do you think I can get my job back?

    Definitely retaliation
  14. OneRN50

    I'm in desperate need of help!!!!

    Lawyer up!!!..ASAP
  15. OneRN50

    Nurse Guilt

    I feel like you did the best you could at the time. No one ever intentionally doesnt call attention to a negative symptom. You are human just like the rest of us nurses and hindsight is always 20/20 my friend d. We have all been there. You did what you thought needed to be done at the time. Pray and move forward. 🙏
  16. OneRN50


    Thank you for all the kind words