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  1. T-Wave

    Basic Seizure Care

    Looking for information and possibly articles on basic, universal seizure care. I need to brush up on latest info. We had a patient go into her second seizure while in our out-patient clinic. All I could do was take vitals, O2 and lay her on her side. What assessments, interventions (sans pharmaceuticals) could I have done so I am better prepared for next time? Many thanks! T-Wave
  2. T-Wave

    Why would this be used vs. usual?

    Thank you for your replies! I totally agree about the needle part. That cover that is supposed to slide down seems a bit hinky. I looked at the Nexivas. They do seem to be a much better design. I haven't seen those before. I will see if my hospital can get them! As to the other part of the answer, I am not sure I understand. We are always trying to reduce exposure to blood. Why aren't these all the time? So what types of situations would this device be used over a regular butterfly needle and extension set? Does it have to do with site placement (say a larger caliber vein) or that there will be frequent changes in connections? Thank you!
  3. Hi All, New to helping out in an Ophthalmology clinic. Looking to understand why the clinic uses this closed iv catheter. What is a "closed" catheter, anyway? I have included a link (below) of the BD Saf-T-Intima™ closed catheter. https://www.bd.com/en-us/offerings/capabilities/infusion-therapy/iv-catheters/bd-saf-t-intima-closed-iv-catheter-system Wondering why we are over same guage butterfly needle and regular "pigtail". We do use with a infusion pump for Visudyne therapy. Thanks! T-Wave