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  1. Im processing my Visa Screen. I have declared my HAAD license for verificafion. Some people told me not to as it will be a long process. Who here has declared their license in the UAE like what I did? Did it really took a long time to be done??? How many months did it took to be completed? Please share your experiences. =)
  2. iam9643

    Visa Screening process.

    Hi y'all. I am a graduate of batch 2008, passed NLE on the same year and NCLEX in 2009. Now, I am just starting with the visa screening process. I submitted the validation form in my former college yesterday but they are looking for the copy of the cases I assisted way back in college. The problem is I don't have any copy of those papers. I've lost it. My college were saying that they also dont have it. So now, i dont know what to do. Is it really required by the cgfns for them to review my Transcript papers? What possible ways I can do? Is there anybody here who experienced this?
  3. HI @Silverdragon102, RN ! Thanks for responding. Yes. I passed NCLEX in 2008 under California state and recently endorsed it to NMI to have an active license. You mean, I can process every forms to respective authorities for now for them to send the required documents to CGFNS but they will not process it unless I also finished IELTS?
  4. Hi, y'all. Just want to ask if anyone have done processing their visa screening while they are still reviewing for IELTS? I mean, is it possible that i can start the visa screen, and then to follow the ielts results? Thanks.
  5. I have an NMI license and i need to endorse it to New Jersey as i have an employer from new jersey. I just want to know how many weeks or maybe months will it take so that i can plan things through. Thank you so much guys in advance.