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  1. Emm_RN

    Gender Bias in Health Care

    Very informative article! I recently had a patient in homecare who had her knee replaced after YEARS of practically begging for it. It took them several years to even X-ray it. She said she always felt ignored. Meanwhile, a male patient I know who is obese is basically being handed a knee replacement and has not been asked to lose weight first.
  2. Emm_RN

    Nursing Smells You Love?

    Unisolve adhesive remover pads, and on a more strange note.. I LOVE the smell of a clean assisted living facility. Like you know what goes down there but the way they cover it up gives me such nostalgia about my CNA days! Relaxes me!
  3. Emm_RN

    Promotion advice?

    Thank you! I want to do the best job possible if I am given the opportunity.
  4. Emm_RN

    Promotion advice?

    I should have added that I have stepped in as interim manager a handful of times in the exact position that I applied for and the interviewing managers have been impressed and asked me to apply. I recognize the lack of experience however most of our issues arise with home health specific problems and I have often precepted in our agency so they are happy with my knowledge base. I’m aware I do not have a ton of nursing experience but I am always taking any opportunity I can to strengthen my knowledge. Thank you for the helpful input, it has certainly given me a lot to think about!
  5. Emm_RN

    Promotion advice?

    Thank you all for your input. I certainly would be willing to do anything to help the staff out, as those are always the managers that stick out most in my mind. I have been told that no other internal employees have applied so I don’t think that it will necessarily be an issue with seniority or anything like that. I had a stint in the office while I was on light duty and I got a lot of positive feedback from the staff I was managing. It’s looking like I’ll get it because they all but said the interview was a formality since they already know and trust me!
  6. Emm_RN

    Promotion advice?

    Hi fellow nurses, Just looking for some tips. I am working in home health and have just interviewed for a Clinical Coordinator position overseeing a team of nurses in a few different zip codes. I am going to be starting my MSN in Leadership in January. I have never been in a supervisor position before, and while I have no trouble with communication, I am concerned that because of my age, I may have to fight for respect. I have been a nurse for four years and I will be 25 next month. I'm perfectly qualified for the position, but I'm just not sure how some of the nurses will take it if they have someone so young overseeing them. Does anyone have any tips on how to be a good supervisor and gain respect from nurses who have double the experience and age advantage? Thanks!
  7. Emm_RN

    Just be professional, period.

    I’ll start by saying I hate social media for these exact reasons.. also, it hurts my heart and terrifies me that nurses put so much time and effort into things that are not work related at work! My parents always raised me with the principle that while you are at work, you work your little butt off no matter what! I would never DREAM of pulling my phone out unless I’m on break and out of view of patients. I’m in my early 20’s and I can’t stand most of my generation. I can’t even think of a time when my phone or anything else was a priority at work. I feel terrible for the patients now and patients of the future.
  8. Emm_RN

    Should I recertify this patient?

    I would probably recert this patient and put in a spaced out visit pattern, perhaps 2week1, 1week3 and encourage her to get a cuff to check on non-visit days and to call into the agency/doctor with abnormal readings. Once she is comfortable with that, BP is stable, and she is taking appropriate actions to maintain BP, discharge would be appropriate.
  9. Emm_RN

    Medigrip tips please??

    Thank you both for your input! I can actually completely picture the pantyhose trick and it makes perfect sense so I’ll give it a try! Thank you!
  10. Emm_RN

    Medigrip tips please??

    Hi all, I work in home health and have been a nurse for just around four years. The other day I had a few patients who had diabetic ulcers needing treated and they both had medigrips ordered to place over their dressings. This is more of a, 'is there an easier way to do this' question. They had both been getting calcium alginate to their wounds, wrap the leg with kerlix, then apply the medigrips. I struggled to get those darn grips on without bunching up the kerlix and messing up the entire dressing! Not to mention being panicked about having everything straightened out so they don't have more ulcers form. Does anyone know of an easy way to apply medigrips over a bulky dressing that doesn't involve the nurse sweating and the patient at risk for more skin breakdown? Thanks!
  11. Emm_RN

    Severe Depression/Anxiety

    I felt EXACTLY like this for the 3 years I worked in the hospital. I started working as a visiting nurse, it has truly saved me. I feel so much better, all the time. If you are anything like me, get out of the hospital. That's all it took for me to have a better outlook on life.
  12. Emm_RN

    EKU info please?

    Hi all, I have recently applied for EKU's PMHNP program (master's). The only things that need submitted still are my transcripts, which I have sent out for. My undergrad GPA was a 3.05, but I think that my goal statement was solid and my references are as well. How long after everything is submitted does it take to hear back about acceptance? Is it hard to get into this program? How competitive is it? For anybody who has gone through or is currently in the program: do you feel that you are well prepared for your future as a PMHNP? What do they look at most heavily for acceptance? Thank you for any information!
  13. Emm_RN

    In need of a confidence boost!

    Thank you all for your advice! It is hard to learn sometimes and I'm already nervous enough to take care of these kiddos! I have a meeting coming up with my educator and unit director so I'll bring up the topic then. I appreciate all of your responses!
  14. Emm_RN

    In need of a confidence boost!

    Hi all, Background: I did adult med-surg for one year (mostly ortho). Jumped to NICU where I spent a little over a year, now am in my third month of PICU. I have two preceptors, one who has been there for going on seven years, is a great nurse, but very particular about little things (like how the IV pumps are facing and where things are laid out on the unicell). I'd been told that she was tough and hard to work with, but I've found we actually get along decently well. She told me up front that she would let me know if I'm not doing well or not progressing as I should be, and she so far has said that I'm doing well and adjusting well, that she thinks I just need to get comfortable with pediatric diagnoses. She mostly lets me do my own thing unless it's something I haven't seen or done before, then she will explain it and have me do it and she watches. My other preceptor, well, has only been there about 13 months and I'm her first orientee. I'm with her less than half of the time I'm on orientation, but she is difficult to work with. The communication...is pretty awful. For example, one night we were getting ready to take a patient to MRI. The patient was still awake and my preceptor told me to draw up a dose of rocuronium because the fellow wanted her to have some, to which I asked if she also wanted fentanyl prior to the roc because this patient was still awake. She raised her voice and said "Just draw up the roc." I drew up the roc, brought it over to the bed and had her double check it. She then says "What are you doing. I already drew up the roc. But okay just give it." Just to clarify (because I was being given conflicting information) I asked "Okay, so they want the roc now, correct?" and she goes "Okay, no, don't give it. She's still awake just WAIT." At this point I was so frustrated and annoyed that I just stepped back and got her transport monitor hooked up. The fellow comes in and asks if we gave the roc, and my preceptor asks me "Well did you give it or not?" and I said I was waiting to give it, like she told me to. And she goes "Oh my god Okay I'll just give it since you forgot to." I was SO CONFUSED. Even some of the nurses in the room helping told her afterwards that she wasn't making any sense. Every shift that I've been with her, she has been doing these kinds of things and making me feel like an idiot. When I leave my shifts with my night shift preceptor, I feel like an absolute idiot, and I feel like a new grad again. I'm trying to tell myself it's not me, but it's really not making my transition any easier. My question is, does it seem like maybe they gave her an orientee prematurely and she wasn't ready for one? And should I go to my educator about it? I'm only with her for two more weeks then I'm with my main preceptor for the last 5 weeks, but I am having trouble dealing with these issues every time I work with her.
  15. Emm_RN

    NICU to PICU

    Thanks for the advice guys! It all helps! I think part of the reason I'm going there is because of the huge differences, so I think the transition will be exciting! I'm totally open to whole new ways of doing things.
  16. Emm_RN

    NICU to PICU

    Hi all, I'm officially starting in the PICU next week after almost a year and a half in NICU. Same hospital, so I'm not nervous about getting to know where I'm going, but I am nervous that my preceptor will expect more out of me coming from NICU but the two are so different! I'm reading up on peds critical care. Any advice for my transition?! Thanks!

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