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Graduate nurse working on a Cardiac Unit panicking over NCLEX 😀


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    NCLEX Time Frame?

    I just graduated nursing school — hallelujah! I am taking a Hurst Live Review this week and registering for NCLEX at some point this week. How long would you advise would be a good time frame to study? I have passed all the HESI exams throughout school, do reasonably well on questions (Saunders and Hurst), and I am typically a good test-taker. I don’t feel like I will ever truly feel confident in taking the NCLEX but would like to give myself enough time to feel prepared and I work FT at one job and PRN at another.
  2. This weekend I had an elderly woman who wore hearing aids. I work night shift, so she did not have them in when I assisted her to the bedside commode at 2AM. I placed her call light within reach and assured her that I would be back in 5 minutes if she had not called for me. When I returned to check on her I asked her "Do you need another minute?" She turned and looked at me with horror in her face and said, "NO I DONT NEED AN ENEMA!" Bless her soul, I wish I could show you the look on this poor lady's face at the thought. Once she understood what I said, she calmed down and proceeded to laugh the cutest little laugh. She reminded me of it the next night when I came in and said, "No enemas tonight either, darling!"