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    Fire Drill during NCLEX

    Hi, I took NCLEX on Friday 06/01/2018 @ 8 am in PA. The center warned me that there's a fire drill at the building @10. At 9:50, the representative came and signed me out waiting for the fire alram to be off. The alram did not get off so the center keep calling asking when the alarm will be off, and they keep replying"in any second." Finally, the alarm went off passed 11:00am. All students have to take the stairs for 10 levels down. I came back to continue my test around 11:35. I got 93 questions when the computer shut off which was around noon. The quick results is not there yet! It is Monday noon. My name is not on the BON list. Keep calling the BON but I was on hold for more than 2 hours without answering the phone. Any advice? I am so concerned! Thanks.