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  1. Hi! I am currently applying to ABSN programs and I am starting to think now on how to be most competitive for a job in the future as an RN. I am eyeing Mayo Clinic due to some personal history with it and seeing how fantastic it was. However, I keep hearing how competitive it is. Besides a stellar GPA, what other ways can I show that I am a competitive applicant?
  2. Hi all, so I'm currently applying to ABSN programs. And I"m just wondering what will happen after. My plan is as follows: Finish my ABSN, then work as an RN in pediatric ICU for experience, and then go for my masters for NP as that is my goal ideally. But to do that, I'd like to do it full time and quit my RN job so I can focus entirely on my studies. However, is it even possible to do that? I hear people that aim for NP go for direct entry, but I REALLY want experience before my NP hence my decision to have some RN experience. So again, ideally I would like to essentially leave my RN job after a year of experience. But I"m not sure if this is done? I usually hear people doing RN/MSN studies at the same time, which is what i DONT want to do. Please let me know!

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