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  1. MJC Spring 2017 Applicants

    There is also spring registration for Fresno coming up in a couple of months if you aren't against the drive. Its on a lottery system and I think they take the most students out of any of the programs around here.
  2. MJC Spring 2017 Applicants

    It is for LVN's or medics from the armed services, they come in at the 3rd semester I believe.
  3. MJC Spring 2017 Applicants

    I don't think anyone has gotten an email yet. If you can access your application summary, that is what the rest of us are going off of atm.
  4. MJC Spring 2017 Applicants

    Check your application summary, mine and another persons updated to supporting docs 30 mins ago, both at 79 points, applied to mjc.
  5. Modesto Junior College ADN App '17/'18

    May 12 by SUPgirl I sat down with the Allied Counselor at MJC. It is getting competitive for sure. Do your best to achieve as many additional points for on the multicriteria screening doc as possible. The lowest score was a 73, and the highest was a...