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  1. Hi everybody, I completed my BSN more than 15 years ago. I was thinking to go back to school for masters in health informatics for quiet a while. Finally I made this move and got accepted to the Chamberlain university for MS in health information te...
  2. Hi every body, I been a nurse for many years and worked in different departments. I always been evaluated by Rn ( manager, supervisor) when it was half a year or yearly evaluation. Recently I changed the job and now I work in the hospital as a care m...
  3. Radiology certificate for RN

    To Woodsyny, I work in IR and have a cath lab experience, what area do you work ? Let me know if you will find your CD, thank you ahead of time. Did the test was a multiple answer questions or a different standard ?
  4. Radiology certificate for RN

    Woodsyny, Thank you for your answer. Did you find the CD from review class helpful ? I'm considering to take a preparation class, it is kind of expensive so I still didn't decided. How long time in advance did you started your preparation ?
  5. Radiology certificate for RN

    Hi, I read every thing about certification process on ARIN site and here on all nurses. My question if somebody can share their frash experience of certification process. All that I found here it is stories from 3 and more yers ago. I would like to h...
  6. Cath Lab RN certificate ?

    Thank you Do you know good site for cardiac catheters differences and explanation ? It's fear amount of diagnostic and interventional catheters and I can't remeber rational of using one or another. Thanks
  7. Cath Lab RN certificate ?

    Hi everybody, I would like to know if Cath Lab RN can be certified and under what specialty, b/c I tried to search and nothing came up. Also I'll be appreciated if you can advice good source of self study material ( books on line) for new Cath lab RN...
  8. I'm so scerd in 1 hour and 40 min I can be

    I passssed I don't belive but I PASSEEED :balloons: :balloons:
  9. I'm so scerd in 1 hour and 40 min I can be

    Thankn you, I have tachycardia, dizziness, tremor etc. 20 minutes more O my God
  10. I had My NCLEX exam for first time 44 houres and 35 min before. It was tough i didn't know answers. A lot of medication which I didn't know even I knew the names of med. I couldn't recoll their features. I had like 5 multiple answers questions, tons ...
  11. to HotRN Congratilations:balloons: I have a question , You had a lot of medication question In your opinion how I should prepare myself for this part. I heard that most of the examiners don't familiar w medication asked on NCLEX real exam.
  12. I passed the NCLEX-RN, the 2nd try.

    :balloons: Congratulation:balloons: You had exam on Thursday ? Isn't it ? So, Bon update info even Saturday night ? How nice to be after exam w good news. My exam in two weeks on Thursday , so I'm wondering if I will be able to see on my board IL a...
  13. How often I can take NECLEX exam

    Thank you for your answer. I ment to the period of time between the exam in case and I will fail on the first time. How soon I can retake this. Is it 90 day or less. Thank you again for your help.
  14. How often I can take NECLEX exam

    Hi, I just looking for general Illinois state info that I didn't fined in the board info. If I will fail at my NCLEX exam how soon I will be able to retake it. Thank you for halep
  15. NCLEX prep review w Dr. Martin

    Hello, I'm considering to take NCLEX prep. review with Dr.Martin center. If somebody took this course. Is it effective and teach you all technique to answer diff kinds of question of new format exam. I finished nursing school a long time ago (foreign...