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  1. erialexa28

    Chamberlain Irving, TX

    Is anyone in here attending the Chamberlain Irving campus? Or have you graduated from this location? If so, what has been your experience? Would you recommend it? Thanks!
  2. erialexa28

    Spring 2019 TCC Nursing Student

    Did anyone ever get a final count for the number of applicants? Good luck everyone!
  3. erialexa28

    Fall 2018 Tarrant County College ADN program

  4. erialexa28

    Fall 2018 Tarrant County College ADN program

    I am going crazy. I have reorganized the closets and kitchen in my house trying to stay distracted! lol. Anyone else finding this wait terrible?
  5. erialexa28

    Fall 2018 Tarrant County College ADN program

    Hi Everyone! I applied for the Fall session as well, I'm not super hopeful as I have two B's and a C in the science courses (89.5 HESI). But I figured the work was done and worst case scenario they don't take me and I retake A&P2 like I had already planned. Does anyone happen to know how many applied? Erica
  6. erialexa28

    HESI A2 Entrance Exam ... 07/13/2017

    It might be stated above but are you allowed to use a calculator for the math portion? Thanks!
  7. erialexa28

    How I Failed and then finally passed the hesi a2

    I am so nervous about this exam. I am horrible at math when I feel time looming over me, I basically panic. Were there a lot of percentages and algebra questions? Thanks!