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  1. Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advise from current nurses and recent graduate nurses, Would you recommend I apply for a nurse aid job in a hospital this summer? I am a rising senior in a BSN program at one of the top ten nursing schools in the country, so my school's name holds merit in the hiring process. However, my GPA is only a 3.0. I'm worried this will hurt my prospects of getting hired post grad, as I have no other experience in the field. I did volunteer in a geriatric facility last summer and plan to volunteer in a NICU this summer for about 2-4 hours a week (max. time allowed at the site). I've been offered a position as the Director of First Aid/Nurse at a summer camp in my neighboring town. I'm conflicted as to whether I should turn this down and get a job at a hospital. My professors recommend the latter to practice my nursing skills, but I doubt I will receive much practice on what i need in an aid position. I'd like to accept the position at the summer camp but I don't want to regret not having worked in a hospital prior to graduation. I'm even considering applying for a tech position during my month long winter break.