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  1. lsession2

    Test suspended /unavailable results on affinity lab test

    Did you call them?
  2. lsession2

    Any advice appreciated

    So is AHCA only in Florida?
  3. lsession2

    Any advice appreciated

    I just inboxed you. Check your messages
  4. lsession2

    Any advice appreciated

    If you can find a job that does not take medicare then you could work there. Like cash only places. But it will hard to find those places.
  5. lsession2

    Becoming an NP after discipline

    njnRN what school did you attend?
  6. lsession2

    Guys, I made it!

    No. I have not gotten in trouble or been fired from a job. I have just kept my head down, follow the board order. It will be 2 years in May with the same job.
  7. lsession2

    Are there any recovery groups for NURSES ONLY in DFW area?

    I just attend AA meeting. I think someone posted on here there is a nurse support group near green oaks in Dallas. You may want to change your profile picture. E
  8. lsession2

    Receiving my proposal via email next week!

    I agree,you will make it through this!
  9. lsession2

    re-entry after years away need advice

    In Texas you will have to show that you have been clean.
  10. lsession2

    Nursing jobs approved by IPN

    It all depends on your contact. You said you really don’t have contact with patients. Sometimes the contact will say direct patient care.
  11. lsession2

    RN with stipulations looking for work in DFW

    I agree.. apply to UHS companies.
  12. lsession2


  13. lsession2

    Jobs while suspended

    Hopefully your name does not get placed on the OIG list.
  14. lsession2

    Diluted Drug Screen

    You can work as a nurse on probation.
  15. lsession2

    RN with stipulations looking for work in DFW

    What uhs facility did you interview?
  16. lsession2

    The light at the end of my tunnel just got brighter....