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  1. m_ghie

    theorist anne casey

    yep did all this have stacks of books and only two articles on anne casey
  2. m_ghie

    united kingdom nurses

    any nurses from united kingdom who are familiar with the Great Ormond Street Hospital for sick children. Trying to locate info on theorist anne casey who developed her partnership model while working as a ward sister at the above hospital in approx ...
  3. m_ghie

    theorist anne casey

    thanks but its not the anne casey i'm looking for my one is from the united kingdom and developed her theory at the great ormond street hospital for sick children approx 1988
  4. m_ghie

    theorsit anne casey

    can someone help with information on nursing theorist anne casey who provided the partnership model in pediatric nursing. I have searched the internet with no luck.
  5. m_ghie

    theorist anne casey

    I need info on the nursing theorist Anne Casey who created the Partnership model in paedeatric nursing. I have searched internet with no joy and need this for an assignment