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  1. Dear allnurses users Id like to hear from those who are currently or transitioning into the field of Health Information Management. I am in Australia however my understanding is that the job is fairly interchangeable across the globe. Id like to hear about how you find the work compared to traditional clinical nursing - is it different being at a desk all day? Do you feel like your work is impacting on healthcare? Do you recognise any changes you've made that will benefit current clinical nurses? Can you provide some direct examples of projects you've recently worked on (being discreet and respecting privacy of course) Im considering pursuing a second degree in HIM, either a Bachelor or Masters; here in Australia there are only a handful of university providers who run the course. I have managed to connect with a current senior HIM at my current hospital who has highly recommended the career and told me a bit about the day to day work, however it just seems so different from bedside work Id love to hear what other nurses think who are/have made the change. Having never had an "office" job it seems like a big change!!! But one that is fairly busy and growing with the developments in computer charting etc. Reasons Im considering the move --- different lifestyle, change of scenery, I definitely plan on keeping clinical with per diem shifts every so often in case I want to or need to return to bedside care. Also the potential salary at some point in my life is tempting -- my current hospital are advertising for a HIM senior role right now with a salary range of 120-130k -- I make around 85k with shift work just now full time ICU 5th year RN. Reasons Im hesitant - further schooling and the cost involved, obviously something to consider, around $30k in tuition. Any advice you have from your experience in HIM is welcome. Thank you :)