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  1. EverConfused

    Unfair Tests?

    Nope no relation at all. Also never covered in previous semesters either. Professor hasn’t gotten back to me and won’t acknowledge it in class.
  2. EverConfused

    Unfair Tests?

    I'm in my 2nd semester of a concepts-based A.S. degree program, and I have found more than a few test questions that have direct answers linked to readings outside our assigned pages for that specific test... like if we had assigned pages 1300-1400, I would find an answer on the test from page 500. Obviously, I am not naming specifics, but... why does nursing school test you on material OUTSIDE of the pages they assign? How are we supposed to know THAT information? Is this fair or should I report this to some agency or something!? Truly frustrated... ><
  3. EverConfused

    6 months before program

    Hello! I have all my pre-reqs and have nothing to do (other than work full-time) before my nursing program. Any suggestions on what I should focus my time and energy on to be more successful in the nursing program. I will be applying to an A.S. nursing program. Thanks!
  4. EverConfused

    Type 1 Diabetic (soon to be) Nurse

    Thanks for all the comments! Yes I have a CGM and I use it religiously. It's best thing for diabetics since sliced bread, literally. Also, I have it managed pretty well, I can fully control whether the blood sugar goes up or down from my diet (ketogenic). As for the coding thing, that sounds great that there is always help in case I need to step out for a quick blood sugar raise. Side question: Does anyone know about any CRNAs who are Type 1? I would love to work my way up to becoming a CRNA as my advanced practice degree!
  5. EverConfused

    Type 1 Diabetic (soon to be) Nurse

    Hello! I'm a lifelong type 1 diabetic who is interested in starting a nursing career. Before I commit myself, I need to make sure this is something that I could actually do and do well. Does anyone know of any RNs, CRNAs, or any other allied health professionals who are type 1s as well and what their experience is? The main concern for me is experiencing hypoglycemia in the middle of a code, or any other instance that would require me to be fully attentive for an prolonged amount of time (uninterrupted).