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lilgrlinthemddle_01's Latest Activity

  1. lilgrlinthemddle_01

    Texas Health Versant July 2020

    Congratulations I did clinical on tht floor they are awesome
  2. lilgrlinthemddle_01

    Texas Health Versant July 2020

    Has anyone gotten an offer for the nicu position at sw?
  3. lilgrlinthemddle_01

    JPS July 2020 Residency

    I received the rejection email.
  4. lilgrlinthemddle_01

    Wise Health System Nurse Residency

    Turns out they dont do their application period early like the other hospitals so the one i applied to was for FEBRUARY start date they emailed me and told me to apply in june.
  5. lilgrlinthemddle_01

    Wise Health System Nurse Residency

    Wondering what you found out after your interview I applied there on 1/8/2020 and wondering how long before they close the application and start scheduling interviews. Not a lot of information on there website.
  6. lilgrlinthemddle_01

    Any TCC - Tarrant County College Spring 2020 hopefuls?

    TCC starting this next semester has a BSN program you can take concurrently with the nursing program through MSU. you will still have a few classes left to take when you graduate but you will almost be done. If you get in they will email you the info to apply to MSU if it is something you want to do. Thought I would share.
  7. lilgrlinthemddle_01

    Spring 2018 TCC Nursing Students

    im applying for fall 2018 i have 2 A'S and a B with 89 on hesi. What are my chances of getting in? Should I retake Hesi or am I ok?
  8. lilgrlinthemddle_01

    Tarrant County College Fall 2017

    anyone know how financial aid works with the nursing program is it considered 12 credit hours a semester, or less? Just trying to see what my options are as far as having to work.

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