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  1. lbwilliams

    Air Force ER nurse

    I'm hoping when I go into the Air Force I can advance my education and become an NP that way because they pay for it and I can just go for my doctorate instead of my masters. I have about a year and a half of schooling left for FNP but I will put that on hold in order to join the AF
  2. lbwilliams

    Air Force ER nurse

    I would like to join the AF as soon as possible. It's something I have wanted to do and I want to get started! If it really takes that long then of course I will get level 1 experience
  3. lbwilliams

    Air Force ER nurse

    I don't think I have enough time to get a job at a trauma level 1 hospital if I would try to join the military. I do however see level one traumas and mainly level two traumas. I was thinking about studying for my CEN so I hope that helps. I'm a year into my masters for FNP so I'm almost halfway through.
  4. lbwilliams

    Air Force ER nurse

    I do not have my CEN but I have TNCC and ENPC. I graduated with a 3.3 in my BSN but I am currently in school for my FNP (it's my masters and AF requires a doctorate) and I have a 4.0
  5. lbwilliams

    Air Force ER nurse

    Hello all! Ive been wavering about becoming an AF nurse for a few years now, and I just can't stop thinking about it. I would love to become an AF nurse. I have a total of 3 years nursing experience with 1.5 years in a trauma level 3 ER. I have two trauma certifications, my BSN, and multiple other certifications. I am also married and have four dogs. I am just trying to get info on Air Force nursing in general and just anything anyone would love to offer! Thanks, Lindsay
  6. lbwilliams

    Wanting to move to NC

    Hello, I currently live in Missouri and would love to move to NC. I would like a medium size town to move to. I currently have two years nursing experience. I have one year as a step-down ICU nurse and one year as an ED nurse. I currently work in the ED and I love it, but I would ultimately like to do urgent care. I am going to school for FNP and finish in 2.5 years. I really want the southern feel when moving to NC and my husband is a real estate broker so he can easily find a job anywhere. I was wondering what are good cities/hospitals to move to that are medium sized and close to the ocean (within an hour or two).