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  1. Lpn to ADN alternate status

    I’ve never heard of legitimate Lpn-BSN programs? Not saying there aren’t any. I’m just curious?? That would be excellent. Unless you mean starting from scratch, perhaps?
  2. Calhoun community college 2021 Spring class

    Hello, if you’ve been accepted please respond on this forum. I just found out I was? but I ?? gotta take med dose calc exam again tomorrow!! & I didn’t do well first time ran out of time. This one gives you even less time to complete exam....
  3. Hello, if you’ve been accepted into the LPN/paramedic-RN bridge-mobility program at Calhoun & you passed the med dose calc exam with a 90% or above please message me or respond on this thread ASAP. I’m desperate for help on I’d say the last...
  4. Diabetic Coverage at all activities

    probably so lol
  5. Diabetic Coverage at all activities

    yep they are making us do this too. they want us on the bus in the morning at 7AM and then ride afternoon bus till 6pm in addition to every activity, sport, dance,field trip, practice, club, event, etc and its not just diabetics either, lots of other...
  6. Snead State(culman, AL) program

    Does anyone know much about the lpn-rn program at snead state? I'm interested in applying and will be applying as soon as application process starts, but I wanted to know if they still have the online mobility option lpn-rn and also what it typicall...
  7. lpn-rn calhoun HSV AL spring2019'

    Thanks! yes I went the other day. If I was you I would go ahead and apply for the traditional in decatur, at least that way you get a better ideal of the application process and then if you do get accepted you can always decline the spot if you would...
  8. lpn-rn calhoun HSV AL spring2019'

    I'm glad it all worked out for you. I'm starting to get the feeling I might not be getting into the program either at calhoun, but I'll keep hoping and praying and keep my fingers crossed. I'm also applying to sneads LPN-RN mobility program.
  9. lpn-rn calhoun HSV AL spring2019'

    Hello All Just wanted to start a thread on here for any prospective calhoun community college Huntsville AL LPN-RN students. If you applied or your going to apply @calhoun spring 19' semester, please reply on here. I just applied yesterday and I'm ...