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    Hello everyone, I am a 23 year old nursing RN student. I am currently studying for my Exit exam, this will be the 3rd time I'm taking it. Its a requirement for graduation. Our HESI passing score has to be a 925..which is a 92%. ATI is a 74%. No one in my class is passing the exam. Its stressing us all out. It is honestly taking a toll on me. My school i feel did not prepare us well. In our exit exam they will give us 1 of 3 tests...HESI, ATI or the exam the school created..which is graded like a HESI. They do not tell us till 10 minutes before the exam what exam we get....I know its bizarre. My school gave us a heck ton of resources but never really gave us a direction. My first exit was the exam the "school made" and they delayed the exam 5 hours. My last exit was HESI and they wouldn't even let me take home my workup of my areas of strengths and weaknesses. Now I am starting from scratch...signed up for a Kaplan course because i don't have faith in my school. Im just really hurting, tired, burned out, and my confidence has gone so low. I barely sleep or do the fun things i used to do.Any tips or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks guys
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    Do nursing schools really try to "weed" you out?

    Thank you! Yeah I am working hard and I can't risk anything in this program. I am in an RN program and i want this more than anything. Like today we had our math class. Its about 4 1/2 hours. This girl that is kind of a "know it all" shows up late and then skips out after 10 minutes and doesn't come back. She missed our math test. Her mother is the department chair?!? Like what the hell. People like her piss me off...Just because your mother works for the school doesn't mean she can save your ass. And this girl sits right behind me and thinks she can copy off of me....Ugh i just want all of us to take this seriously because the ones who aren't are being disrespectful and interrupt the class when I am trying to listen and learn.
  3. Okay so there are 35 students in my nursing class. I go to a private nursing college. They are very strict on our uniform and how we handle things. Which I totally get. But a lot of people in my class are either rude/think they know everything/some don't even make it to class and it's only the second week. The girl behind me left in the middle of class just to pick up her friends at the airport. I am confused because we spend a lot of money to go here but a lot of them don't seem to care or aren't taking it seriously. In our class we can't wear nail polish. A girl got pulled out of our class for wearing red nail polish and I haven't seen her since. If there are 35 in my class now how many people will be left after two years?? Just seems like it will dwindle quickly.