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  1. AishaNicolee

    Stlcc 2019 Entry/Waiting List

    This comment is pretty old lol but Im currently in 2nd semester at FP going into 3rd. I applied at both Meramec and FP and never got a confirmation letter from FP but I did get one from Meramec. What I got from FP was that I was an alternate for Spring 2019 (But i ended up getting in) They say that the wait is like 1 year-1 1/2 but I applied in June of 2018 and got in the Spring, so it really just depends. FP waiting list might be longer now since they built the new Nursing building and everybody is gonna want to go there but im not totally sure. Hope that helps!
  2. AishaNicolee

    STLCC Nursing Admissions

    Yes there is still a waiting list. I just applied two months ago to both the Meramec and Forest Park locations. I received a letter from both stating that the earliest I could start is next Fall '19 so the wait is about 2 semesters. There are a few classes you have to take in order to even be able to apply. So all you have to do is take those classes and have at least a 2.5 GPA and you're good to go. Oh and also take the TEAS test and dosage calc (and pass with at least a 90% on the dosage calc)

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