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  1. Reapplying for Spring 2020. Missed the mark last semester and once before last fall. Hoping spring will be kind to me. Misread my prerequisite GPA before. Currently a 3.381. TEAS 74. How soon can we apply for spring? Where else is everyone applying?...
  2. @stephaniedemenjon Don’t give up! Spring term is always easier to get into. Reapply in August. ? I didn’t make it either. Going to try all other options.
  3. I didn’t make it. Miscalculated my prerequisite GPA. Anyone applying elsewhere and if so when? I’ll reapply in August for HCC.
  4. @stephaniedemenjon Waitlisted. What was your GPA if you don’t mind me asking?
  5. @stephaniedemenjon I just got an email. Says I didn’t make it. But I think the numbers are off somehow.
  6. Mine is showing 3.381. Never re took any course. Where does everyone see there prerequisite GPA on web advisor? I thought mine was a 3.65
  7. @Ruthydj I finally found a link that worked and filed mine! Thank you.
  8. Is anyone using financial aid for this fall program? Do we need to file now or once we’ve been accepted and have classes to show? My fasfa application won’t open on web advisor. Wondering if I missed a deadline.
  9. @cecibel-roman Yes! I am off on Tuesdays I will be there! Gonna look into it right meow. If they have a spot we should meet up for sure. All about making friends and sharing whatever knowledge we can to help each other through this nerve-wrecking pro...
  10. @yrosabal Not sure if I’m doing this “reply” thing right. Lol. Last fall the GPA cutoff was a 3.67. Which I now have. But had a 3.65 then.
  11. Long time listener first time poster! I submitted my application in April sometime. Everything is showing received. Been following this forum for a while. Applied last fall and missed the mark by 0.02 GPA! ? Reapplied with a 3.67 this time and a 73 ...
  12. Hillsborough Community College Fall 2017

    I took mine by DM campus on the 12th as well, and mine hasn't changed at all. Nothing in MY DOCUMENTS or anything. Last name starts with a J. I just want to know!!!
  13. Hillsborough Community College Fall 2017

    Thank you for your quick response. Still not showing anything in MY DOCUMENTS, yet. I'll just have to stay patient. D:
  14. Hillsborough Community College Fall 2017

    I keep checking my hawkmail, my documents, and my progress towards degree reqs and haven't seen a change yet. I want to be sure I'm looking in the right areas. Where is everyone seeing things "received" in regards to the application for fall the nurs...
  15. Hillsborough Community College Fall 2017

    So glad I found this forum! I submitted my application to the fall nursing program April 12th. Last name "J". No word yet but staying positive with a 3.381 prerequisite GPA. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a low floor this semester. Also wish I ...