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  1. Might be a silly questions, but anyone know of the exact start date or length of the program? I've been looking online but can't find anything on it
  2. Hey everyone! I'm late to the thread, but I also got in! So excited! Can't wait to meet you all! I also just asked to join the Facebook group.
  3. amygreen

    UC Davis MEPN 2019

    Hey all! I also just finished applying to the program. Best of luck to everyone. I went to UC Davis for undergrad and volunteered at the UC Davis Medical Center which is right by the nursing school. It looks amazing and I'm waiting with baited breathe to see if they're interested in accepting me. Anyone know of when we'll be hearing back from them?
  4. amygreen

    Rush University MESN

    Hey everyone! I recently got an e-mail from Rush inviting me to interview there for their MESN program. Anyone else apply and get the same thing? Also is anyone else is currently in the program and willing to share their wisdom? Anything is appreciated. I'm excited for the interview but also super nervous.
  5. Thanks Adam! What's the program like in regards to difficulty and stress levels? Also what made you decide to go into nursing and how did you convey that in your essays?
  6. I hope it's sooner too. And it's also my dream school, but I applied to Davis and Rush and a couple other absns in case. I can't find their acceptance rates anywhere so I have no idea what my chances are.
  7. I did! I'm not the best student but I'm hoping my experiences and personal essays will show that I'm more than ready to do this. Last year people were hearing back from them in mid September. I hate waiting! Have you applied other places?
  8. They say they take a holistic approach when reviewing the applications. And best of luck! I keep freaking out whenever I hear the e-mail sound on my computer because I keep thinking it's them getting back to me.
  9. Same here! College GPA was 3.37 and pre-reqs were around 3.8. Any advice would be great
  10. Hey everyone. Anyone submit their application to Johns Hopkins today? I applied just for fun and to say I did. Anyone know what they're looking for? I have a lot of volunteer experience but none paid, which I'm worried is gonna make me less competitive. Any thoughts?

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