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  1. Congrats to all who got emailed by KP. 👏🏻 Goodluck on the interview.
  2. Hi! I applied to Irvine and Riverside.
  3. samsimii

    Foreign Graduate California Concurrency Issues - Success!

    To those who got their eligibilty: How many weeks did you receive your eligibility after sending transcript of completing the BRN deficiencies?
  4. Ooops. I think I posted in the wrong forum. How can I move this?
  5. Is there anyone who applied recently for licensure by examination at California Board of Nursing and got their eligibility? I am a 2009 graduate from the Philippines. I submitted the requirements last March 2017. and I just got my letter from them requesting for the complete record of cases and academic calendar.
  6. samsimii

    CA BRN current processing times

    Hi ms silverD. I graduated 2009. What do you mean by 'when I trained'?
  7. samsimii

    CA BRN current processing times

    HI miss steppybay! I applied for licensure by examination at BRN-CA March 10. I just received a letter today saying that I need to submit the following: 1. complete record of cases 2. academic calendar and one page BSN curriculum. Ive heard of reciprocity cases that were required to take OB and MS classes. But I haven't heard about new applicants required to take OB and MS.